The Saturday morning after our first snow storm here in Toronto, everything was covered with snow and looked so picturesque. Our first snow storm last Friday night decided to arrive on a Friday Rush hour. The drive home felt like forever. But waking up to these views on a Saturday morning was just lovely. I decided to bring along my camera as Barkley and I had our morning walk around the neighbourhood. I also photographed our Garden here at home. This is our winter scene. 

A majestic Pine Tree in our neighbourhood. 

Our Front Garden covered with snow. 
Here are some Winter Berries from our garden.
The snow has settled on the lamp posts and plants. 

The snow has settled on the Reindeer and on lamp posts. 
A view of our snow covered Garden. 

The snow formed like cotton balls on the branches. Spotted a Bird's nest covered with snow. That's our little Bird's house on our tree. 
The snow are like cotton balls on the branches. 
That's Barkley in our snow covered Backyard. 

May you all have a wonderful week!

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  1. I don't really like snow. I'm more of a summer person, but seeing it on these photos it makes me smile :)
    I like your blog though. I follow you already. It would mean a lot to me if you followed me to on GFC :)
    I hope you'll like my blog enough to do that :D
    Greadings from Sarajevo :D

  2. Oh Pamela this is wonderful! I looove snow even though I am more of a summer girl too :-)

  3. Hi Pamela! How amazing, these photos are just beautiful! What a magical wintery scene! There is lots of snow!!:))) How sweet is your puppy! Kisses dear and have a good week ahead! xo

  4. Beautiful photo's of your morning walk Pamela! So much snow has fallen! We had lots of snow too, the last couple of weeks, but today thaw set in. I don't really mind. It means we are getting closer to spring :-)

    Wishing you a happy new week!

    Madelief x

  5. What beautiful shots. I miss the snow so much. I'll bet it makes Barkley crazy!

  6. wow so beautiful!! Sometimes I miss seeing scenes like these that we don't get in the city..
    Barkley is so cute!

  7. Beautiful snowy scenes especially with the gorgeous vivid blue sky. We finally had snow on Saturday but now, twenty-four hours later, it has disappeared and before I had chance to take photos!!

  8. Snow is so beautiful to capture on camera! Thanks for sharing these magnificent views with us!
    Have a great week!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  9. Such great photos! Barkley is a cutie pie. :)

  10. WOW! You got tons of snow!!! Winter is lovely...but for being inside, or in the backyard, and go in as soon as u r freezing! hahaha :D
    Love ur doggie playing in the snow ^^

  11. Looks so beautiful! Barkley looks so cute in his coat in the snow.

  12. Love all the snow--and that playhouse with snow is so adorable!
    xo May Jo

  13. I love the soft fluffy snow! make it a lot! hope pug also like to wallow in the snow)))

  14. My what stunning pictures! I wish it would snow here!

  15. Awesome photos!
    So magical mood... Like fairy!

  16. Pam, Love seeing this! Wish we got snow..I just love how it blanketed everything... And Barkley looks so sharp in his little Burberry coat. What a lucky boy!

    Have a good week!


  17. beautiful place!

  18. Dont you just love the snow Pamela. Hope you have a pair of YakTrax so you dont slip. I haven't experienced a Toronto snowstorm but we had an emergency landing in the middle of a snowstorm in Montreal a few years ago, that was pretty mega I can tell you!


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