Sweets Tour of Spain

Madrid's Plaza Mayor and display of sweets in the Patisseries around Madrid.
In Madrid there are chocolate truffle balls, yemas, almond and honey pastries and custards.

I have travelled all over Spain for many years that I just recently realised that I have accumulated a collection of  various photos of Spanish sweets and confectionery from different areas of Spain. Since I love sweets and comes from a family who loves different cuisines, I cannot resist taking a photo of these beautiful, colourful and delicious sweets displayed in Spanish Cafes and Patisseries. In my opinion, Spanish food and sweets are always under rated as Spain is always eclipsed by other European countries like the United Kingdom, France and Italy in tourism, in food, wine, shopping, culture and the arts. But when you get a chance to visit Spain, you will discover the rich and deep history of the country, its cultural heritage both Spanish and influenced by the Moors, its different geographical areas plus its variety of delicious food, wine and most of all these desserts. Come join me in a short tour of Spanish sweets from Barcelona, Madrid and to Granada in Andalusia. 
More baked sweets from Madrid. The empanada are like baked pies with fillings. The Huesos de Santos  combine the almond marzipan with sweet egg yolks in the centre. The Meringues are your common meringues made from egg whites. There are also the fried sweet honey balls called buñuelos.

 A model of Toledo Cathedral all made from Marzipan. 
Toledo is a town near Madrid that combined the Spanish and Moorish cultures both evident in the architecture and also in the cuisine and desserts. The Moors actually brought the olive oil to Spain. Most of their fried desserts are traditionally fried in olive oil.  Toledo's speciality is Marzipan which is made from peeled, grounded almond nuts and sugar. The nuns in Toledo are the famous bakers in town. In the above picture, the nuns master skills in baking were celebrated on this display in a local Toledo patisserie.
Local Toledo sweets from Spanish cookies like the Paciencias de Anis, Vanilla wafers and Toledo's version of Yemas made from egg yolks then coated with white sugar. Yemas is the common confectionery in Spain commonly made from egg yolks. But I discovered that every city in Spain have their own versions of the Yemas

View of Segovia town and Cathedral. For me, Segovia is such a romantic and beautiful town to walk around and discover its architecture. Declared by UNESCO in 1985 as a World Heritage City. Visit the huge baroque Cathedral, the Aqueduct, the Alcazar from which you will discover some Moorish architecture and also the view of the Castile countryside. Then try their famous Cochinillo Asado, a suckling pig so tenderly delicious, it melts in your mouth. 
Then for dessert,try the famous Yemas de Segovia which is on display and available all around Patisseries in the town.

In the southern City of Granada in Andalusia, hidden in these White painted buildings are more Spanish sweet delights.
We saw and tasted many different fruit tarts and palmeras covered in chocolate or just plain.

Here is Barcelona, in the Northern Catalan region, we discovered  abundant chocolates and different nuts in the St. Joseph Market which the local patisseries combine to make craquer (lower left photo). The local patisseries bake the chocolates whether white, milk chocolate or dark chocolates combined with usually large almond nuts to make the round cookie like shape. 
In this Barcelona patisserie, I remember seeing some ensaimadas topped with sugar and cheese (Spanish version of the French Brioche), polvorones and more yemas.

The best place to eat sweets, have some Spanish hot chocolate, teas and Spanish coffee, is Caelum, Latin for Heaven. In this Cafe, all of the sweets are heavenly produced by monks and nuns from all over Spain. Even the Menu is divided into Monastic Sweet Temptations and Monastic Sour Temptations. Caelum is located in Barcelona's Gothic quarter at De la Palla 8. Never miss visiting this place and bring home some Monastic yemas and polvorones. The polvorones are usually produced during the Christmas season. A polvoron is a crumbly shortbread made with milk, flour, sugar and grounded nuts. We consider a polvoron more as a candy like confectionery rather than a traditional shortbread cookie.
Guess what these sweets displays were made from?
A storefront display of sweet delicacies made from towels in a Kitchen Store in Barcelona.

I would like to share this best description of Spanish Sweets from Caelum Barcelona:

In the end, all the cakes and wines have a sacred air and every soul is collected in a chamber which Paracelsus called 'olfactory chamber.' Meanwhile, in monasteries are producing high quality wines with healing spirits made by wise monks that pray silently and keep their secret recipes inside the walls. And with three salves, one Our Father and the grace of a hand, a miracle which is dreamed by the Mother Superior is taken to the kitchen. Sweet pumpkin gives you blessed glory...

May you all have a sweet weekend!

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  1. What a lovely post Pamela. Those little Nuns are adorable and the towel display is a very clever and effective idea.
    This reminds me, one of my staff members used to bring me buñuelos as a breakfast treat which mysteriously stopped. I must get those reinstated:)

  2. Hi Pamela! This post made me very hungry! I am a huge gourmand so I think to plan a trip to Spain just to taste some of these treats^^ Look very delicious! Kisses dear, happy weekend! xo

  3. I had no idea that there were so many different Spanish sweets!


  4. I think it's been a loooooooooooooooong tome since I went to spain! I should definitely pay it a visit!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. I love the display of the little nuns in Toledo - we bought our yemas from the nuns at Santo Domingo el Antiguo Convent in Toledo. We have yet to eat them - hope that they keep for a bit longer so that we can share them with the grandchildren. The variety of sweets, particularly in Toledo is amazing - it is interesting to see the locals going into the shops in the evening and choosing boxes full of them.

  6. I never been to Spain but I really wanted to not just for there beautiful and historical spot but also for their food!!!! and I'm sure they're are all yummies!!!!

    take care and hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
    xoxo,Meg of Sweet Gala's

  7. I have never been to Spain. So thank you for the tour! I would go directly for the pastry shops just like you did! Yum!

  8. My kind of tour, Pamela! I wanted to eat everything in the last photo until I realized the "cakes" were made out of terry cloth. :)

  9. Oh that food looks so yummy!

  10. omg i am so jealous. I heard spain is beautiful. would love to go there.

  11. This was an informative post Pamela. I did not know that Spain offered so many delectable treats. It's never showcased like France or Italy! Wow, and so many different cultures & customs are involved. Fabulous treats! This post was a treat for my eyes! Thank you!

  12. Great! Thanks for sharing :) Im going to Barcelona in a few weeks ^^

  13. I'm craving pan de mallorca now! It's my weakness (or really the filipino version ensaymada is). We are considering a trip to Spain in September and I might need your tips on where to find the best sweets!

  14. I really love these photos..everything looks delicious. I've also become such a foodie when I travel. I hope to make it to Spain one of these days!

  15. Barcelona is my favorite :XXXXX so beautiful!!!

  16. Great post and photos. For someone with a sweet tooth like me this was a real treat. I agree - I have had some delicious pastries and cakes in Spain but I think France in particular seems to get mentioned more often.

  17. great places and beautiful photos!

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  19. very very nice my dear!!:)

  20. This is like a heaven for a sweet tooth! Adorable pictures, dear!


  21. Spain has really beautiful places to visit! :)

  22. Pam, Spain is really amazing isn't it? So very much to see and I do agree it is under-rated compared to Italy, France, etc. I loved this tour. You had me at Marzipan! Great photos too.

    Have a good week!

  23. so nice. glad you liked spain. tnks for sharing beautiful photos :D

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