Enchanting Gardens of La Alhambra

Let us enter the enchanting gardens of the La Alhambra full of arabesque influences from the former Muslim Rulers of Southern Spain. Located on top of a mountain overlooking the City of Granada, the Muslim Emirs in Spain built it as a fortress in 889 then converted to a Royal Palace in the 1300s. La Alhambra is a testament to Islamic genius in Architecture, design, gardening and engineering during the Moorish era in Spain. It is now preserved for everyone to discover and appreciate. It is designated as a  UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although we visited last October during the Fall, the gardens are timeless as you will discover in our mini-tour here.

We discovered nooks with splendid views of pools and of Andalusian buildings with Islamic influences. 
Moorish poets described La Alhambra as  a pearl set in emeralds for all of the white buildings and green woods around it.
Everywhere was just so lush, refreshing and so full of different colours from the flowers and plants. 

Whilst wandering around, we heard cascading water from the fountains.
The water from the fountains sparkles under the sun.
Just wander around, don't be afraid to get lost and you will discover wonderful gardens and great views of Granada. 
 The Moors planted Orange trees, roses and myrtles.
The Duke of Wellington donated English Elm trees in 1812 planted all around the palace complex creating a dense wood park.  
Islamic influences are carved all around the walls and ceilings of the Palaces.
Look into any door and window, there is always a surrounding view of the White buildings of Granada. 
The huge hanging tree on the left side has a tale about it. In the story, one of the reigning Sultan's wife was caught with her lover in this part of the palace gardens. They kept this tree branch because it was the only witness to the lovers' rendezvous in the garden. 
A perfect design of a typical Andalusian Building painted in White with arched balconies and a water garden completing the whole scene.
Don't you think this is a perfect symmetry of design?
With the green hedges on each side, the emerald pool in the middle reflecting the Islamic Building around it. 
The Court of the Lions Fountain distributing water on all four corners of the Palace that helps to cool down the around the palace. 
The Rose Garden with the view of white buildings of Granada, the clear blue skies and Andalusia.

Everywhere in the La Alhambra was so fragrant and refreshing.
It's a place full of beauty.
With the mixture of all the elements of Islamic design, Spanish influence, cascading water fountains
and lush gardens all around it.
Truly enchanting in every way.

I wish you all a sparkling weekend with lots of sunshine!

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  1. Truly beautiful!
    At the moment I m reading for my conference paper and not having much time and just watching these pictures is so painful;-) Teleportation, anybody?:)

  2. This is one of my favourite places...I was mesmerized by the architecture and the gardens were breathtaking and so well taken care of. Your photos of Alhambra are beautiful.

  3. Pamela, everything looks so peaceful and relaxing! I'd love to visit those places, thanks for sharing your photos, they are truly stunning! Have a great weekend! Kisses! xo

  4. Those gardens are so beautiful and peacufull :) It's so cool to visit your blog because you always show me different places that one day I wish I can visit :)

  5. I want to visit this place one day! Very beautiful photos and sights. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Wow! It is gorgeous! I love the cascading fountains and gardens.

  7. Amazing place

  8. Amazing pictures! Lucky you<3


  9. This is really beautiful place! Thanks for amazing photo!
    Have a nice weekend, dear Pamela!

  10. I fell in love with the La Alhambra and its gardens when I visited and it had a huge impact on my own garden design. Many of the little details that I saw I tried to achieve.

  11. Hi Pam!!
    Thanks for your lovely comment!!
    This journey is MAGIC!! iF you came to Italy let me know.....!
    Have a nice Week end!!

  12. What a lovely place, these gardens look amazing!

  13. Gorgeous photos, Pamela! Such wonderful usage of the arch - love its repetition in the architecture and hedge openings. I also noticed the importance of water throughout the gardens. Thanks for this tour ~

  14. Absolutely beautiful. I just want to be there right now!

  15. Wow!! I love travelling and I def want to go to this place!

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  16. Absolutely enchanting! The different coloured flowers and many shades of green are spectacular together with the water features and beautiful architecture. I shall add this to my must-visit list. Thanks for the tour! One of the loveliest gardens I have visited so far is Monet's garden in Northern France.
    PS Thank you for your comment abot the iconic dresses. There is just one Valentino gown in the book - the gorgeous vintage black and white one worn by Julia Roberts at the Academy Awards in 2001.

  17. Breathtaking pictures! What gardens! Thank you for the virtual tour :)

  18. Wow....nice!!! i love this place! Thank you so much for coming to me! Check back soon to see me on Inside Me!

  19. Preciosas fotografías!!

  20. oooo such a lovvely place!!! i am from spain and never gone to jajaja !!!! like your blog, wanna fopllow each other? kisses

  21. It is a really beautiful place!!!

  22. Es un lugar maravilloso!!! Bonitas fotos.

  23. Thanks for your kind visit hun, may this week be a great one for you!

  24. I was there a few years ago and as you say there is not words to describe the magnificence of the beautiful garden, great pictures, you make me want to go back.

  25. The garden looks really green and nice. Its well maintained too...
    Here in India too we have an Alhambra Fort, locally called Alamparai Fort, built by Mughals!
    I haven't been there yet, and your post in inspiring me to!!! :)
    Do visit my blog too sometime dear! :)
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  26. Amazing pics! So beautiful:)

  27. Son unas fotos preciosas, me han encantado
    Un saludo

  28. Enchanting indeed! Wish I could visit one day.

  29. Wow, just gorgeous Pamela. This is one of my favorite posts of yours. It looks like someplace I need to go!

    xo Mary Jo

  30. OMG! Spain looks spectacular! So want to go there! My G+ for you dear.

  31. Pam, Don't know how I missed this post. Fabulous pictures and stories. Another one for the bucket list from your blog!


  32. So beautiful! How I could spend countless afternoons strolling La Alhambra and the wonderful gardens. The calmness and serenity of the spaces is absolutely wonderful. Perhaps if I click my heels.....


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