Meet Blue: Out Of The Depths

 Meet Blue, one of the nine blue whales found dead in the shores of the Gulf of St Lawrence in Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada in 2014. After several years, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto decided to keep Blue's remains for further study and to share her story to the rest of the country. The Blue whales are the largest mammal that have inhabited the Earth at 29.9 metres (98ft) and they mostly inhibit the area near Newfoundland near the Atlantic Ocean. They are bigger than the dinosaurs. They have also outlived the dinosaurs in this planet. A blue whale normally has a life span of 70 to 90 years old.  It exclusively feeds on the small fish, krill. One of the things that I learnt from this exhibit is that every natural thing is inter-connected. Who would have thought that the poo of the blue whale overrides our human release of carbon dioxide and is important for climate change? It does.  Their poo is what the krill fish eats which in turn the blue whales eat the krill fish. That's why on this Earth Day, we remember to respect and take care of our Earth. We have to recognise that climate change is for real and is an issue that will affect us if we do not take care of our planet. We have to do our part to save our planet as we are all inter-connected. 
The skull of Blue, a female blue whale is so huge. The rest of her body extends behind.
The huge bones and fins of Blue. 
Gulf of St Lawrence in Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada was the location where Blue was found. 
Blue Whales are so huge that their body is supported by water. 
J Crew philantrophic fashion for the Blue Whales.
Exhibit runs at the Royal Ontario Museum till 4 September 2017. 
Read here The Blue Whale Tale the full account of the discovery of the dead blue whales from the Toronto Star. 

Buon Appetito At Cibo Wine Bar

 After a visit to the ROM Museum, we hungrily stopped by at Cibo Wine Bar, located at Bloor-Yorkville in Toronto for a late lunch. This restaurant is one of the best and reliable Italian restaurants in the area with the authentic Italian menu created by chef Salverio Macri. It's always busy especially in the evenings. We were a hungry bunch as we ordered several appetisers from the fried zucchini and fried artichokes, grilled calamari with salad, portobello mushrooms and the salumi tray (photo below). We also ordered our own pastas but we ate it so fast before we can take photos. The Italian pizza at Cibo are one of the best as we ordered the Pizza Margherita, Pizza di Nicolino and lastly, the Nutella Pizza which is to die for. Everything was delicious. Even my Italian sister in law and my nephew and niece were happy and satisfied with our choice. 
Pizza Margherita. 
Pizza di Nicolino with tomato, fior di latte, arugula and prosciutto di parma. 
Lastly, we had cappuccino and Nutella pizza with banana. 

He Is Risen: Happy Easter!

 A pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is one of the most important and transforming in my life as this is the most sacred in Christendom, the place where Jesus Christ was crucified, laid down for preparation for burial, his Tomb and Resurrection. All of these major events in Jesus Christ's life all happened on this location. This Holy Church, managed by the Franciscans(Roman Catholic), Orthodox and Coptic religions was built by the Holy Roman Emperor Constantine between AD 326 and 335 at the suggestion of his mother, St. Helena. Pilgrims come here to remember and show respect to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who gave his life up for us. 
Franciscan friars every day climb the stairs all the way up to Calvary, also known as Golgotha, the site of the Crucifixion.  
Golgotha, known in Hebrew as the Place of the Skull is the site of Jesus Crucifixion. 
 The rock of Golgotha. 
Burial chamber bed where his disciples laid his body and prepared for burial. 
Pilgrim kneel down here to touch and say a prayer on this burial chamber.

Dome on top of the Tomb of Jesus Christ. 
Here is a Coptic Friar who went inside the tomb to bless it. We pray for the Coptics and the Syrian Orthodox Christians who are the most presecuted in Egypt, Syria and Iraq. 
A Syrian Orthodox monk. 
 Tomb of Jesus Christ. 
Known as the Catholikon Dome which represents the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
He is risen! 
Happy Easter! 

From The Passover To The Last Supper

 One things I learnt when we visited Jerusalem is that all of the major religions are inter-related. No matter the conflicts, division, hate and misunderstandings between these religions, their histories, beliefs and practises intersect and are inter-related. One example is the disputed place of the Last Supper. According to the Latin Christians (Roman Catholics) and Orthodox Christians (Greek and Syrian Orthodox Churches), the real sight of the Last Supper was at St. Mark's house which is now known as St. Mark's Orthodox Monastery in Old Jerusalem. Then according to the Israelis, the real site for the Last Supper was at Mount Zion. We visited both places to learn about their stories. Of the two places, we felt the spiritual presence of the Holy Spirit at St. Mark's. It is really up to you which one you believe and which one touched your soul.
During our visit at St. Mark's we met this lady who is the guardian of the place. She was a teacher in Syria. Now she is living here in the Monastery. She shared with us the history of the place, the story of her life, her country and the story of the visitors that have passed by here just like we did. 
Chapel was designed in the Orthodox style on 79 A.D. 
Down stairs is the Last Supper room which was known as the Upper Room during Jesus' time. As you know, every thing below used to be street level over 2000 years ago. This room which is now below, could have been considered Upper Room over 2000 years ago.
 Above is the ancient sign in Jesus' language of Aramaic stating that this is a Holy Place. 

 Mount Zion. 
This room is what the Israelis consider as the Upper Room where the Last Supper of Jesus with his apostles was held. 
As you can see here the intersection of Christian history (Last Supper) with Islamic mosaics in the window and the Jewish menorah below. 
Jewish Menorah. 

Way Of The Cross At Via Dolorosa

 This Week, Christians all over the world, will begin the commemoration of Holy Week with Palm Sunday, when Jesus was welcomed in Jerusalem. It is the time of remembering Jesus Christ's passion and death on the cross. Last October, my family and I  finally walked the Via Dolorosa, the "way of sorrow" in Old Jerusalem. This whole stretch of road inside Old Jerusalem celebrates the 14 Stations of the Cross because along this route were the actual places that Jesus was sentenced, imprisoned, flagellated then carried the cross towards his final destination, his death, in Mount Calvary, known as Golgotha, now the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Christian pilgrims walk this route to pray the Way of the Cross to commemorate Jesus' suffering and death. 
Station 1: The Ecce Homo Arch is connected to the Church of Ecce Homo where Jesus was condemned by Pontius Pilate. 
Church of Flagellation where Jesus was tortured and crowned with thorns. 
Station 2: From prison, Jesus carried his cross. 
Station 3: Jesus Falls the first time. 
Station 5: Simon helps Jesus carry the cross. The wall is where Jesus placed his hands when he fell. 
Towards these stations, we only saw the doors as these chapels were closed for prayers and lunch break. 
Station 6: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus. 
Station 7: Jesus Falls the second time. 
Station 8: The Women weep over Jesus. 
Imagine Jesus Christ carried the cross up these stairs along the Via Dolorosa. 
Stations 9 to 14: Inside the Church of Holy Sepulchre where Jesus was stripped of his garments, Jesus was nailed to the cross in Cavalry and Jesus died on the cross. 
Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre: Jesus was taken from the cross and lastly, Jesus was laid in the sepulchre. 

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