Enchanting Butchart Gardens

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One of the important places to visit in Victoria, B.C. is the Butchart GardensIt was the home of Robert Pim Butchart and his wife Jennie Butchart. It was Jennie who started the gardens in 1904 and up to now, the whole property is family owned. In these gardens they showcase their collection and passion for flowers, plants, birds and trees. It is a truly enchanting and delightful collection. They even have a Sunken garden, a Japanese garden, a Rose garden,  a Mediterranean and Italian garden. Even the flowers are so happy as you can see in my photos and the trees are so green and lush. It is a place where everything is abundant, growing, full of life and beautiful. Butchart Gardens is an enchanting beautiful garden right here in Vancouver Island, in the Pacific Northwest. 

Weekend In Victoria, B.C.

 From my post last week, we took a ferry ride from Vancouver all the way to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. This city on the southern tip of Vancouver Island is quintessentially British and Royal. The city is dedicated to Queen Victoria as her presence is found around the city from her statue in front of the B.C. Parliament, to the waterfront, named Fort Victoria since 1843, to the elegant and majestic The Fairmont Empress Hotel where visiting Heads of State and Royalty usually stay when they come for a visit. The hotel is also famous for its authentic Afternoon Tea and they even sell the china in their Hotel shop. The whole city is not that big. It is perfect for spending a day walking around and enjoying the scenery. We even stopped at a Victorian English Pub near the Fort Victoria, Bard & Banker, for a typical pub lunch of Fish N' Chips with potato chips batter and some sangria. Luckily, the weather cooperated and added the beautiful sunshine to our visit. 

OnBoard The B.C Ferries To Victoria, B.C.

 One cannot miss to visit Victoria, British Columbia when in Vancouver. Just to get to Victoria is already an adventure in itself. That's why it deserves a separate post to share with you how fun, scenic and adventurous it was just to get to Victoria, B.C.,  located in Vancouver Island, separate  from mainland British Columbia. There are only two ways to get to Victoria:  the fastest way is by flying with a sea plane or take the longer and most scenic route through the BC Ferries, the publicly owned British Columbia Ferries founded since 1960 to ferry visitors and locals from Vancouver to Victoria. If you prefer to join a local tour riding through a tourist bus or drive your own car, riding the BC Ferry is the way to go. The Ferry is so huge with multi-level floors for vehicle parking, bus and trucks parking and the top floors has restaurants, cafes and lounges for the guests to relax and enjoy the view.  Sit back for now and enjoy the view as we sailed along the Bay towards the Pacific Ocean to reach Victoria, B.C through BC Ferries. 

Adventure In Whistler B.C.

 During our visit to Vancouver, we made sure that we joined a tour to visit Whistler in British Columbia. We drove for almost two hours north west of Vancouver through the Sea to Sky Highway route. We drove through never ending lakes and mountains all the way to Whistler. When we reached our destination, we toured the village with its mostly ski and summer sports shops, restaurants and hotels. But our most adventurous experience was the gondola ride to reach the Whistler Mountain peak that is about over 7,100 ft top elevation. The gondola ride to the peak took about 30 minutes in itself. Then we were excited to try the new Peak to Peak Gondola ride which travels from the peak of Whistler Mountain across the valley below to reach the  Blackcomb Mountain which is over 7,494 ft top elevation. Both mountains are famous for winter skiing sports and was the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. When we reached the top, it was cold, magical and was like heaven on earth. Then like a miracle, suddenly the snow fell on the peak. It was like being in winter wonderland while the snow fell and moving on top of the trees and being so close to the sky. When we returned back to land, we explored the village and discovered pristine rivers with flowing water so clean and  the air is so clean. Whistler is a natural gem that is worth to visit regardless of the season. 
This weekend, we celebrate Canada Day, thankful for our diversity and abundant natural beauty that surrounds our whole country from coast to coast. 

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