Parisian Chic: Ines De La Fressange

Ines De La Fressange is tres chic. She is French, lives in Paris, a former Chanel muse of Karl Lagerfeld and now the style ambassador for French luxury shoes and bag maker, Roger Vivier. Believe it or not, Ines is now 60 years old and she still looks so beautiful, so chic in an effortless way and so slim in that French way. She has definitely aged gracefully. At her age, she still loves to wear flare skinny jeans and wears it with an amazing style. As you can see, she wears all Roger Vivier shoes and bags where ever she travels around the World to promote the brand. She also owns her own shop in Paris under name, has written several books about Parisian Chic and Mon Paris and also write her own Blog. You can even follow her Parisian life and style at Instagram for inspiration. Ines is defintely an admirable and accomplished  woman who is comfortable in her own skin. 
Winter style for the New York City winter. 
Wearing a Chanel dress with Roger Vivier bag and sandals in Provence. 
Ines said: Think about three nice things before sleeping. What will be your three? 

Spring Parfumeur: Diptyque

 It was love at first sight for me when I saw the Diptyque store at 34 Boulevard Saint- Germain in Paris. The store is near the Sorbonne - University de Paris and walking distance from my hotel. To my sheer delight, Holt Renfrew Bloor Street  expanded their collection and opened a boutique inside their store. The collection has now expanded from their world famous and super fragrant luxurious candles to Eaux de parfums, Eaux de toilette, home fragrances, face and body care, soaps, lip balms and even facial oils. I've been lucky to receive some luxurious candles from a special friend as gifts. For someone like me, who is very sensitive to scent to the point that I can get allergies, Diptyque is like a perfect match point. I don't get an allergy from this brand. From this visit, I purchased their new Spring fragrance called L'Ombre Dans l'Eau collection which is described as walking through an English garden with moss and continuing to another garden of roses. Doesn't that just sound so wonderful and dreamy?
Parfum and Eau de Toilette collection. 
My other favourite that I recently discovered is the Eau des Sens Eau de toilette which is made of orange blossoms, bitter orange, juniper berries, angelica and patchouli. I will buy that next as I am now hooked. Too bad, my birthday is still far away. 
Luxury candles collection which are all so fragrant. Their design is simple and elegant. You know that in its simplicity and elegance, there is a luxurious gift hidden that needs to be discovered. 
Love at first sight for this scent. I can use this everyday. 

Joie de Vivre Collection

 Winter is back again here in Toronto. There past few days, it has been freezing and snowy in our City.  One thing to cheer us up is the launch of the Spring Beauty line at Holt Renfrew in Bloor Street Toronto. One of my favourite cosmetics is Laura Mercier, launched by world renowned french make-up artist, Laura Mercier. For this Spring, she celebrates the Joie de Vivre Colour Collection which includes a powder blush, three lipsticks in metallic berry and red colour, lip gloss, a cake eyeliner in various shades, and facial powders including some bronzers. This collection will bring a pop of colour to the face for Spring. A collection that is just perfect for Spring as it is about time that we bring about some joy to living through make-up. 
Laura Mercier has one of the best powders, lipsticks and even lip pencils in the market. The lipsticks are called Happy, Joy and Smile which represents the uplifting theme of the collection.  Which one will you choose? My favourite is their tinted moisturizer which is the most awarded and renowned in the World. 
The Joie de Vivre shades are so pretty in peach and pink powders and lip glosses. Just to see them brings joy to the day already. This collection is tres jolie

Fun At The Coco Café

To my delight, I attended the opening of the Coco Café at the Holt Renfrew Bloor Street Store in Toronto. For the whole month of March, the Coco Café will be open to offer their customers the latest in the Rouge Coco Chanel collection for Spring. We were allowed to try all of the Chanel products on display from the lipsticks, lip gloss, the new Le Vernis nail colours, the new Sublimage Le Teint cream foundation which applies to your skin so light and au naturel plus there were drinks, lip lollipops, macarons and candies all over the Café . I enjoyed this event very much as I tried everything from Chanel. As the saying goes, never loose your childlike enthusiasm
Which colours will you choose?
For the nail polish, I love the Washed Denim (grey blue), the Camellia (fuchsia) and the Tulle (light melon) colours. They will be perfect shades for Spring. 
From the new Spring Collection, I purchased the quadra eye make- up Jardin De Lumieres (the quadra eye shadow in the middle and worn by the model on the photo). I love the colour combination and the name alone, in english, Lighted Garden or Illuminated Garden which captures spring perfectly. 
Never be afraid to take your Chances. 
Give me some Chanel Bubble Tea. 
Coco Café Menu of inspirational beauty tips. 

A Day Without A Woman

Today, we women all around the World unite to celebrate the International Women's Day by supporting the A Day Without A Woman strike and march. Above are the three things we women can do to support the cause for Women and Human rights. This is the continuation of the International Women's March that started in Washington D.C. last 21 January right after the Presidential Inauguration of the most crazy and irrational President of the USA. On that day, we saw massive marches across the World against the racism, sexism, misogyny, hate and division of this President. We must never be complacent, never give up and continue to be united to fight for inclusion, love, peace and diversity. Remember, that we women, have the power, the political, economic and social power to bring about changes in our World. We especially have the economic power to choose what to purchase. We can change the World for the better filled with love, diversity, equality and human rights for all. 
I strike for the following reasons: 1). For my niece and her young generation that they may continue to enjoy the Women and Human rights that we currently enjoy, which were fought for by the women before us. 2) For the woman's right to choose and have easy access to superior health care. This is not about abortion. I do not support abortion but I respect the woman's right to choose without any judgement. We can be pro-life but also be pro-Women's rights and 3). for love, inclusion, diversity, equality and peace in the World. 
Thank you very much to my American friend, Connie Snow, who writes the blog Snow In The Air for knitting my pink pussy hat which is the symbol of the Women's March.  From Canada, we are in solidarity with our fellow American women and around the World supporting this cause. 
Bravo to Vogue Magazine's March issue for celebrating Women's power. 
Support Women around the World in your little way, by purchasing the Shea Butter Solidarity Lip Balm from L'Occitane for $6 CAN. All profits will go 100% to the UN Women fund. 

Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing. 
- St, Therese of Lisieux

Icefest 2017: Celebrate Canada 150

 This year Canadians are celebrating our country's 150th birthday. In Toronto, the celebration started this winter with the Bloor-Yorkville, IceFestival 2017: Celebrate Canada 150. This event was held last weekend at Cumberland St in Toronto's Bloor-Yorkville with the exhibition of majestic ice sculptures created right in front of our eyes by talented artists. Canada was represented in these ice sculpture creations of Canadian geese (above), moose, bear, the Canadian loonie ($2 coin), maple leaf, hockey, Royal Mountie Police, the Parliament Square in Ottawa and even Niagara Falls complete with the barrel. There were drinks, food and clowns offered by the restaurants around the area. Luckily, it was a mild winter, no snow and lots of sunshine last weekend. 
Canadian eh! 

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