Happy Easter: From Tragedy to Hope

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 As we celebrate Easter this weekend, we reflect on the rising of Christ from his crucifixion and on the heartbreaking and shocking fire that engulfed the Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris last Monday in Paris, France. As we all watched in horror the fire that burnt the roof of the cathedral, there was good news that emerged 12 hours later that the exterior foundation of the cathedral and the two north towers were saved by the firefighters. The excellent strategy and courage of the firefighters saved the total destruction of the cathedral which is the heart and soul of France and the French people. The first photos that emerged from the fire showed the main altar with its golden cross of Jesus, the Pieta with the Virgin Mary and the surrounding angels are all intact. Even the famous Rose stained windows are all intact. The fire fighter pastor was able to save the relics especially the crown of thorns, some priceless works of arts and the blessed sacraments. One of the miracles is that the copper rooster, symbol of France that was on the tip of the spire that burnt, was recovered and found to be slightly damaged. The rooster had the relics of St. Denis, St Genevieve and a thorn from the crown of thorns inside, placed to protect Paris. It was touching to see that there were french people praying on the streets of Paris for the Notre Dame. The hope here is that with collective effort, the cathedral will be rebuilt. We thank God, Mother Mary and the firefighters for saving the Notre Dame. We witness a miracle of the cross still standing and from this ruin, a united effort to rebuild which is truly a message of Easter. 
Happy Easter! 

Photos 2 to 6  from Reuters. 

It's Finally Spring!


 It's finally Spring time. Although here in Toronto, we do not have blooming flowers yet unlike in London which seems to be blooming now. One thing that is blooming here at home is the fashion all around town. At Holt Renfrew, Spring's fashion and trends are already out in full display. Of course there are the classic floral and printed styles in vibrant spring colours of red, pink, yellow, sky blue, greens and white. The trending colours for spring are the khakis in green and the classic beige. For spring, whilst it is still stylish to wear pink, it is also stylish and chic to wear khaki green paired with black or beige top.  I hope you get inspired by Spring as this is a season of new beginnings, new style and it is a time to move forward with hope, positivity and enthusiasm. 

H Project: Uncrate Southeast Asia

 Let us take you shopping to see all of the wonderful products from South East Asia. Holt Renfrew Canada recently launched their fifth H Project called Uncrate South East Asia which celebrates the craftsmanship from South East Asian countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, among others. The products are carefully selected and curated based on their craftsmanship, sustainable fashion and contributes to economic growth in their various regions. Almost all of the products are handmade by the designer or the artisans and gives back to their communities. One of the products I purchased was the candle by Kandila Co. made with natural soy wax with Bergamot and Patchouli oil  poured in reusable glass. This company is owned by Filipinos living in Australia. They donate 50% of their profits towards children's education in the Philippines. I love it that these products are handmade, made from sustainable materials and most of all gives back to their communities. 
Shop Uncrate South East Asia at Holt Renfrew. 

Love Beauty And Planet

 This week I will launch a new feature on the Blog called Environment Product that will focus more on environmental and sustainable products. During this time of climate change, I have been more conscious of products that are environmentally focused, based on sustainability, recyclable and reducing their carbon footprint. One of the products that I discovered is Love Beauty And Planet which are sold here in Canada at Shopper Drug Mart. Love Beauty and Planet believes in producing their beauty products, particularly shampoos and conditioners, made from natural and organic ingredients like Bulgarian roses, lavender from Provence, Ylang-Ylang among other natural ingredients. Their goal is to use the least amount of water, reduce waste and use recycled containers. Their goal is to continue their research and commitment in further reducing their carbon footprint and waste. As stated on their products, there are no parabens and no guilt, not tested on animals and use organic and naturally sourced ingredients from around the world. Their shampoo smells so good and very soft on the hair. I am sharing below their  6 Goals for Beauty and Planet.
1. Sourcing ingredients responsibly:  Examples of their products are Murumuru Butter & Rose and Argan Oil and Lavender.
2. Reducing waste : Their bottles are made with 100% recycled plastic with the commitment to further make their caps and pumps at least 50% made from recycled plastic by 2020. 
3. Saving Water: Use technology to use less water on their products, making these shampoos and conditioners fast rinse. 
4. Counting our footprints with honesty: I am impressed that this company is very conscious of their carbon footprint that they don't mind contributing to the carbon tax fund. 
5. Love beauty and people for the planet project:  They not only support the environment but they also support environmentalists. 
6. To brave and benevolent beauty: Their commitment to make naturally sourced products that will contribute to make us beautiful and also our planet long lasting and beautiful. 

To make you more beautiful and give a little love to our planet. 
- Love Beauty And Planet

Vancouver: Cactus Club Cafe

One of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada is Cactus Club Cafe. This is a fine dining restaurant that offers a global cuisine mostly  Asian fusion combined with Canadian and European dishes. One of their locations that I enjoyed during our visit was at the Coal Harbour as it has panoramic views of the Shore Mountains, Stanley Park and the Olympic cauldron during the 2010 Olympics. The restaurant also offer a view of the Harbour Air landing platform. We saw seaplanes depart and arrive from the Bay as we dined. Their food were really delicious with ingredients coming from the Northern Pacific Bay and farms.  Their service was friendly and efficient. The restaurant have many different locations across British Columbia and all the way here to Toronto. It's a place worth to visit with great food and amazing views.  

Schwartz's Charcuterie de Montréal

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall there is always a long line up outside of Schwart'z Deli, the world famous smoked meat deli. The deli in Montréal is the oldest in Canada for over 90 years old still keeping the tradition preparing and serving the original smoked meat sandwich and Quebec's poutine which is french fries topped with cheese curd - originally produced in Quebec only and gravy. As the smoked meat was so tender that it just melts in the mouth and served generously on a sandwich. The restaurant is a small place and cannot handle big number of guests but it is worth the wait outside. This place is a food institution in Montréal and there's no other place to be for a smoked meat sandwich.
Street Art with a portrait of the legendary Leonard Cohen. 

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