King & Queen Of Hearts

 Today is the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at St George's Chapel, in Windsor Castle, England. This wedding is a celebration of true love and gives hope to second chances in life, as we know, Meghan Markle was previously divorced. As for Prince Harry, he has found the love of his life that he chose to marry and live with, hopefully for the rest of his life. Life will never be the same for Meghan after this Royal Wedding as she will become a member of the British Royal Family from now on. These Dolce & Gabbana Spring fashion may not be appropriate for the Royal wedding but these King and Queen of hearts celebrates giving your heart to your true love and shows what a hopeful and joyous occasion it could be. Be brave to give your heart and to just love. Don't forget to be stylish too. 

Spring Fashion Shopping

 Spring flowers are blooming this time and so is fashion. The malls and shops around Toronto displayed their best spring collection showcasing pastel colours in dresses, sandals, bags and accessories. Here are some spring fashion collections from Michael Kors, Loewe, Stuart Weitzman and Valentino. Even Valentino created the rock stud sandals in pink which is to die for. Spring is a time of renewal, a positive attitude and bringing out the light. Be the light and show your spring style around you. 

Lakeside Weekend Brunch

 Last weekend was a perfect Spring weekend. It was warm and sunny which made us go out to have brunch at The Port  at Frenchman's Bay, by the Lake Ontario in Pickering, east of Toronto. The Port is one of my favourite restaurants because of the views but also they serve the best drinks, delicious food and have one of the best patios. I tried something different this time: the croque madame with smoked corned beef and topped with béchamel sauce and egg, iced tea and buttermilk waffles with blueberries with a cup of cappuccino for dessert. It was a delicious brunch with a fantastic views of the lake. The boats are all coming out and being moored in the marina to get ready for summer. We are hoping for more wonderful spring weekend like this. 
One love for all. 

Toronto Strong

 Last Monday, 23 April, was a day that Toronto will never forget. It was the start of lovely, sunny and warm Spring day in the City,  almost perfect where people went to work, had their lunch breaks and enjoyed a walk to savour this lovely weather considering we had an ice storm just last weekend. Then tragedy struck when an evil young man, 25 years old, decided to rent a van and then drove through the innocent pedestrians along an almost 2 kms stretch of Yonge and Finch all the way to Sheppard Avenue, randomly hitting people that he saw. It was a very shocking and horrific event to watch live stream from the CP24 news website as we saw bodies of people that were struck and lying lifeless on the ground. We saw our first responders from the police, the EMS, paramedics coming so fast to rescue and help people. The paramedics went into action right away to resuscitate the lifeless bodies by giving CPR and deciding there who will live and some died on the spot. This young evil man killed 10 people and injured 15 more innocent people. Monday was a sad day for everyone here in our City. From this tragedy and loss, there are a lot of goodness and unity that emerged among Canadians especially encouraging each other to stay #TorontoStrong and to donate funds to assist the victims of this tragedy through the #TorontoStrong Fund. Then this coming Sunday there will be a vigil at 7 pm at Mel Eastman Square to honour the victims and the First responders. Another good thing about this tragic event that showed the World that Toronto is good was the Toronto Policeman Const. Lam who confronted and captured the Van Driver suspect without firing a shot. This showed Const. Lam's courage, discipline, effective training and that fighting evil with good wins. 
Fighting evil with good wins.
Learn more and Donate #TorontoStrong Fund.

Walking In The Steps Of The Knights Templar

 When we visited Portugal last Fall, we made sure that we joined the original and historic Tour of the Knights Templar. This tour is a whole day tour outside of Lisbon, Portugal visiting the towns that the Knights Templar inhabited and ruled around Portugal. The first place we visited was the Castelo de Almourol located in the middle of the Tagus River. We had to ride a boat to the island then hike up to the castle to visit and learn about this Knights Templar stronghold. They used this castle to protect Portugal from invaders. After visiting the Castle, we drove on and visited the Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal. This huge castle complex was the original stronghold of the Knights of the Order of Christ, which is the Knights Templar branch in Portugal. It is a well preserved round Church in the middle of the castle where the Knights performed their religious service. The whole Church was decorated elaborately in the baroque style. So much history and event must have taken place in that place. I'm sure that the Knights are still using it, secretly. Whatever their secrets are in these buildings, I am sure that they are still around, making history and changing our World. 
View of the Convent of Christ. 

Visiting Igreja de São Roque

 One of the fun things to do in Lisbon is to ride the funiculars around the city that climb the hilly streets around the city and visiting its historical churches.  When we visited Lisbon, we made sure that we rode the Ascensor da Glória which is a funicular railway line that connects the lower Restauradores Square to the higher Bairro Alto district of Lisbon. The ride up was a steep and hilly ride travelling past narrow streets and older buildings of Lisbon. When we reached the Bairro Alto, we walked towards the Igreja de São Roque, the Church of San Roque, a Jesuit Church known for the early 17th Century baroque style chapels in gold. This Church was built in the 16th Century and survived the Lisbon earthquake. When in Lisbon, do not miss riding the funicular railways around the city and visit the historical church in the Birro Alto district of Lisbon.  
Chapel of Saint Anthony of Padua, patron saint of Lisbon. St Anthony was born in Lisbon, Portugal.
Funicular, Ascensor da Gloria.

View from the top at Bairro Alto.

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