Weekend In The Ancient Ruins of Ayuttaya

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 I am one of those travellers who enjoy visiting ancient ruins and learning about their history. During our visit in Thailand, we visited the ancient city of Ayuttaya to see the ancient ruins of the Wat MahaThat, Temple of the Golden Relic, believed to be built by Thai Kings since 736 to the 1400s to store the relics of the Buddha, the most revered in their Buddhism religion. Despite it's beauty, holiness and majesty, tragedy struck during the Thai-Burma war in the 17th Century. The Burmese army burnt the temples and the prangs, even beheaded a Buddha statue. But nature knows better than the destroyer, that not everything can be destroyed, as the head of the Buddha survived to this present day, wrapped by the roots of an ancient Bunyan Tree. The monastery is an ancient ruin now and we saw all the damage and destruction in the remaining statues, prangs and temples. There is still beauty and lots of history all around. Even up to now,  Thai families, friends and couples, come here dressed in their traditional Thai silk costumes to have their photographs taken amidst their historical ancient ruins. 
The famous Buddha's head wrapped by roots of the Bunyan Tree. 

Discovering Jim Thompson In Bangkok

 During our visit to Bangkok, Thailand, we discovered the famous Jim Thompson Thai silk stores in the historic and luxurious Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. Jim Thompson was an American businessman and allegedly a CIA spy who helped revitalise the Thai silk industry in the 1950s and 1960s. He lived in Thailand in the now famous House On The Klong which is now a museum that displays his collection of Thai furniture and fabrics. There is a great mystery on the disappearance of Jim Thompson from Malaysia's Cameron Highlands on Sunday March 26, 1967 as his body was never  seen again. His legacy remains on the retail stores under his name all around Thailand continuing the high quality and design of Thai silk scarves, bags, clothes, accessories and home decor. A trip to Thailand will not be complete without bringing home one of his products as an elegant souvenir. 
Read about our visit to the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Hotel. 

Gucci For Home

 It's finally the New Year 2019, new beginnings, new trends both in fashion and for the home. One of the luxury brands that is expanding to luxury home decor and furniture is the brand new Gucci Decor collection ranging from luxury candles, throw pillows to furniture like tables and chairs. The whole collection is now in Canada at the Holt Renfrew stores. All decorated with Gucci floral wallpaper and mannequins dressed head to toe in nothing else but Gucci. I would love to have the throw pillows, the side tables and the chairs with the embroidery message "Loved" with the design of the bee. I am just thankful and feeling blessed that after many years of sharing on this blog that I can share chic, delightful and luxurious fashion, travel and lifestyle stories with you all. Here's wishing you all love, peace, joy, prosperity and excellent health in the New Year! 

All Is Bright This New Year!

Toronto the tallest Christmas Tree decorated with Swarovski crystals and always towering over the Eaton Centre Mall so tall and bright. Besides the Christmas tree, there are several gigantic and bright reindeer towering over the mall and shoppers. It makes everyone look up and admire this charming display of brightness all over the shopping mall during the Holidays. Just like this coming New Year, we remember the lyrics of Silent Night: all is calm, all is bright...sleep in heavenly peace. May we enter the New Year with hope that everything will be turn out calm and bright, have joy, love, peace and trusting in the magic of new beginnings in our lives and all around us. 
Happy New Year!

Christmas In the Neighbourhood


 I love the Christmas season in my neighbourhood, east of Toronto. Every Christmas season there are many families who decorate their houses to the max. Lighting their houses with the symbols of Christmas from the manger when Jesus was born together with Mother Mary, St Joseph, angels, all the way to Santa Claus and the Toy Soldiers. All decorations in colourful lights which brings joy and  delight to both adults and children. Christmas is a time to see the beauty, peace and love all around us. I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and may this season be bright and happy to everyone.
We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Windows Bloor-Yorkville

 It's that time of the year that every luxury shop at the Bloor-Yorkville area of Toronto are all decorated with Christmas cheer windows. Every window are so colourful and festively displayed their goods in creative ways. Despite the cold, I enjoy walking around Bloor Street, known as the Mile High, for it's kilometre long array of luxury shops to view all of these Christmas windows. Just seeing them brings joy and childlike enthusiasm to my spirit and mood. 
Holt Renfrew Christmas windows. 
Harry Rosen. 
Coach Christmas windows. 
Dolce & Gabbana Christmas window. 
Sephora Christmas window. 

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