Summer's Solstice

 Today is the summer's solstice. It's the official start of summer and also the official start of wearing sandals! Wearing sandals is one of my favourite for summer. It's about time, after a cold winter and rainy spring. Ladies, make sure you have completed your pedicure and start wearing those sandals. These colourful sandals from Nine West are just so delightful and stylish for summer. Enjoy!

LV Masters X Koons

 Louis Vuitton has done it again with its collaboration with American artist Jeff  Koons in creating the Masters LV X Koons Collection. The whole collection was inspired by Jeff Koons' art, the 'Gazing Ball' where he paired a reflective ball to the old masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Reubens, Fragonard  and Titian. LV showcased the old masters on their iconic bags like the Speedy, Neverfull, Montagne bags  to complete this collection. The LV and Jeff Koons collaboration is a celebration of both the old masters and modern art. If you buy this collection, these bags are art and definitely a collector's item. Louis Vuitton has the tradition and culture to celebrate and promote the old masters art through their bags. When we carry one of these bags, we are showcasing the art outside of the museum to the street. 
Watch the Interview video with Jeff Koons.

Louis Vuitton Stripes

Louis Vuitton bags always have best design in the luxury bags market. They have managed to modernize their design but at the same time maintaining their tradition and functionality.  One of their newer style is the Kimono bag which combines modern and traditional design, loads of style and functionality. This bag is so light to carry but has lots of compartment inside. I also adore the stripes on the front combined with the traditional LV monogram. It's also nice that they name their bags based on their inspiration which is usually a place, like Japan. That's why Louis Vuitton never fails to inspire. 

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Style

 The windows at the Dolce & Gabbana store in Toronto never fails to inspire. For Spring, they featured their lace dresses and shoes in pastel and vibrant colours. This collection is perfect to wear for weddings which is the season now during Spring and Summer. The short lace dresses are perfect for dancing too. The pink lace dress can be worn in a wedding or to any party in town. These dresses are just so feminine and elegant. I just love those sling backs and pumps in vibrant colours and with jewels on them. These shoes are so precious and elegant. Anyone, ready to go dancing? 

Chanel Cruise Make-Up Collection

 As the season is transitioning now from Spring to Summer, Chanel Make-up introduced their Cruise Collection for 2017 with the model looking perfectly with her beach, sun-kissed look. The whole collection is all about natural glamour and make summer shimmer. It starts with the Les Beiges healthy luminous glow for the face which also comes in a stick in pink and coral. Then there are the lip colours which are perfect for summer, called no other than Golden Sand  and Golden Sun. The nail colours in matching nude, light pink (Sea Whip)  and coral (Coralium) matches perfectly with the lip colours. Everything is so chic and perfectly brings glamour and shimmer for summer. 
Check out the Cruise Collection tutorials.

It's A Cool Summer

 Summer is coming soon to the City. Holt Renfrew at Bloor Street, Toronto is celebrating summer with a  pop up store called Cool Summer that offers a lovely flower shop, Wild Thyme, a Diptyque Paris boutique, a cycling shop, a sun care shop complete with straw hat perfect for the beach and some summer fashion for both men and women. There are many inspirations here to kick start our summer: from a refreshing eaux de toilette from Diptyque, a straw hat, a cool palazzo pants and sleeveless linen top and most of all, those lovely orchids will do for me. For the sporty type, a bicycle from Martone Cycling Co. will start your adventure in cycling around the City. How will you kick start your summer? 

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