Weekend In Mont St. Michel

Visiting  Mont St Michel was a dream come true. During a trip to Paris several years ago, we decided to visit the Mont St Michel which is located between Normandy and the English Channel. The origin of the Mont St Michel date back to 708 when the Bishop of Avranches dreamt of the Archangel Michael who ordered the Bishop to build a  shrine to dedicated him. From this strong granite rock rising two hundred and fifty feet out of the sea,  the Bishop built the Abbey which was later settled in by the Benedictines. The Abbey became a pilgrimage town in honour of Archangel Michael. The Mont eventually grew into a village with settlers building their houses and shops around it that still stands up to this day. The Mont has survived numerous Wars and  over many Centuries have resisted erosion from the wind and water. When you get a chance, visit it as you can still see the grandeur, the history and sacredness that lies within its walls. It is a marvel to see the accomplishment of what Humans can accomplish with the guidance of the Divine. 
Stop by the restaurants and Inns here especially at La Mere Poulard Hotel to taste the Mont St Michel Omelette which has a filling of frothy egg whites inside. The Crepes in the Village is also delicious to try. 
The Benedictines built this outdoor elevator to bring in provisions into their Abbey. 
The whole Mont is a walking area only. Everywhere there are stairs to climb up all the way to the Abbey and the Church dedicated to Archangel Michael.
As we climbed higher, we can't help but look up into the sky.
Inside the Church were symbols of the scallop shells representing the journey of the pilgrims to this Site. 
The architecture inside is Gothic and there are Romanesque influences around the Abbey. 
On top of the Mont is the Abbey. 
Image of the Mother Mary and Archangel Michael, always depicted as the Warrior Archangel defeating the dragon. 
Surrounding the Mont are views of the sky, earth and sea. During low tide, visitors walked around the sand.  Then at high tide, the whole Mont was surrounded by water coming from the English Channel.
Visiting the Mont St Michel is to discover all those who, down through the centuries, built this peerless monument and to understand why and how they managed to accomplish this gigantic undertaking between sky, earth and sea. 

May you all have a fantastic Weekend! 

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  1. I have been wanting to visit the Mont for years. Even though it's not that far from where I live, I have not managed to do it yet... Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

  2. Hi Pamela, have to admit that I havent idea about it, but if ever happens to be there, would definitely pay a visit. Seeing it from your photos, I feel in awe. The Abby and the Church a masterpiece of architecture, I also imagine the beautiful view from there. Have a wonderful weekend dear, kisses! xo

  3. Wow Pam, the ancient architecture is so interesting! There must be such greta history to this place, I love these types of trips, exploring stunning landscapes and landmarks.

  4. such a great plan!!!love the pics!kisses!

  5. Mont Saint Michel is definitely on my list. Thanks for taking us wayyyyyy up there :) Stunning shots, Pamela.

  6. Che luogo meraviglioso, vorrei tanto visitarlo! Lucy

  7. OMG this place looks like in a fairytale! Maybe a bit spooky at night but I really have never seen anything comparable!
    Oh and thanks so much for recommending the Shu Uemura cleanser, sounds like it would work great for me!

  8. Just love this Pam. We also went about 5 years ago and stayed one night. Great side trip when you are in Normandy. We loved wandering around the island when the tide was out and it was still light at almost 10p.m. It's something very special there! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Isn't this just the most magical place. Thank you for taking me back. Lovely photos.

  10. beautiful photos, amazing place !!!

  11. WOW!!! I must go here one day, looks amazing!! Love the architecture!! Have a great week x

  12. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on my last post, thank you!

  13. Wow...this weekend is so wonderfull!!
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  14. Wow this is truly dreamy! I love the story behind it and how beautiful and fairytale looking it is! So true about what can be accomplished with divine guidance!
    xo Mary Jo

  15. Pamela, Mont St. Michel is so MAJESTIC! The way it sits above everything else around it is so regal. I love it. Love all the statues. They're really maintaining it. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I'll have an omelette and some delicious crepes please Pamela and then we can walk it off up and down all those staircases!


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