LFW: McQ Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 Collection

Today is the Autumn Equinox. Officially the first day of Autumn. The start of a new season. As for me, it is quite exciting as I am starting a new job position. Then the second line of Alexander McQueen's also presented its  first ever McQ Fall 2012 Collection Fashion Show earlier this year during London Fashion Week. The Collection presented British Style from military silhouette and colour,  some Tartans, black leather suits and floral dresses. This Fashion Show was so dramatic, haunting and presented dark glamour that was reminiscent of the late Alexander McQueen's Fashion shows. The hairstyle, the clothes, make-up and the shoes were all so elegant, dramatic and definitely dark glamour. Exactly how I feel about Fall. 

 According to the review of this fashion show at, as the guests arrived to take their seats, everybody were wondering where did the McQ team obtained all of these fall dried leaves since the show was presented in February this year? So after the Fashion show, they asked Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen's Creative Director and McQ designer,  and the only answer was "The leaves came from trees."  

Supermodel Kristen McMenamy.

Guests who came....

Editor in Chief of Vogue USA, Anna Wintour sitting beside Hamish Bowles on her right, Actress Salma Hayek and her husband Francois-Henri Pinault.

The Creative Director.

Sarah Burton.

A new McQ Alexander McQueen store opened in London last week at 14 Dover St, London, UK.

Have a wonderful Autumn weekend!

Photo credits: Hello Magazine UK and

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  1. Love the whole collection, so unique :D I just follow you back! Good day


  2. I love AMQ, this collectin is just awesome and so unique!! Grat post Pamela! happy sundy!:) kisses!

  3. McQueen without McQueen is stilll very cool!!..the theme is awesome...and needless to say the collection:)


  4. I love me some Alexander McQueen. Everything is gorgeous.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. MMMM LOVELY post:)

    I thank you again for sweet words on my blog.

    If you want some decor ideas from HM home...check out my new post:)

    have a wonderful week dear

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  6. I think Sarah Burton is making an amazing job, like MvQueen's creative director.

    A big hug!



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