Harrods Christmas at Heathrow Terminal 5

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A few months ago, in October,  we stopped over at Heathrow Airport-Terminal 5,  on our way to a vacation in the South of France.  Heathrow Airport is one my favourite airports in Europe besides Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The brand new Terminal 5 is the main hub of the British Airways.  I enjoy Heathrow Airport even though it is the busiest airport in Europe. It is entertaining, very efficient, service is very helpful and friendly.  Terminal 5 has a large Duty Free shop with separate Champagne and Wine Bars, there is a Harrods Department store, Prada, Mulberry, Gucci, Reiss, HMV and other beautiful shops for the travellers shopping convenience.  The current strike at the airport did not cause any delays. As of press time, operations at Heathrow Airport are back to normal.

Presenting  the Harrods Food Hall  Christmas Shop at Terminal 5.

Special Harrods Christmas Bears.

Harrods Bear toy surrounded by Santa Chocolates and Harrods Christmas Cookies Red Tin.

Harrods Hello Kitty Christmas decorations. There is  Harrods Christmas Bear for Baby bib. Also matching  Harrods Christmas Bear Aprons for the adults.

The famous Harrods Cookies in their Christmas tins of Green and Gold. The tins design show the main Harrods Knightsbridge store in Brompton Rd,  in the Borough of  Kensington & Chelsea, London.  

Harrods cookies in the Green and Gold tins. These are perfect  Christmas gifts for your Party Host, Friends and Family. I suggest to create a Hamper filled with Harrods cookies, tea, coffee, chocolates and  add a Harrods Teddy Bear.  The Harrods Shortbread cookies and the Chocolate Chunk & Pecan cookies are delicious!  The Hamper with all of these Harrods goodies would be a special Christmas gift!  What do you think?

Harrods Food Hall is one of the best in the world!  When in London, it is best to visit the Main Harrods Knightsbridge store to see all of their various Departments and goodies. But if only a  stop over in Terminal 5 in Heathrow Airport is possible, try to drop by at the Harrods Department Store and the mini Food Hall for a  shopping stop over to discover their wonderful goodies!

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