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The Philippine Tatler  October and November 2010 Issues featured two different families both residing in the beautiful region of Tuscany in Italy.  The Ferragamos are originally from Florence  while Mai Cojuangco-Zini, a Filipina from a prominent family in the Philippines is now residing in Tuscany. There is also another Filipina, Carina Asuncion who is living her dream at her house in Florence.  I am featuring today a glimpse into the World of  Mai Cojuangco-Zini, Carina Asuncion and the Ferragamo Family  in Tuscany.

Mai Cojuangco-Zini is one of the five daughters of Peping and Margarita "Ting Ting" Cojuangco. She grew up and was educated in Manila, Philippines. But fate intervened when their family friend Virgie Ramos introduced her to Italian Businessman, Andrea Zini at a restaurant in Manila.  Mai is from the prominent and wealthy family, the Cojuangcos of Tarlac. Former President Cory Cojuangco Aquino is her Aunt and the current President of the Philippines NoyNoy Aquino is her cousin. She now resides in this beautiful house with her husband Andrea and  their daughter Demi in Tuscany.

Beautiful and Stylish Mai Cojuangco-Zini.

Mai decorated their Tuscan home by herself.  She has great taste having grown  and learnt with her ever stylish Mother, TingTing Cojuangco. After graduating from Ateneo De Manila University, she travelled to Italy to attend the prestigious Centro di Formazione Professionale to study Fashion and the art of Bag-making.

Andrea's family owns the company, ABC SPA, which is a worldwide licensee of bags and accessories for several brands that include Levi's, Sisley, Segue, Disney and of all things Benetton. He was a business associate of Virgie Ramos who introduced both Mai and Andrea to each other. They both got married n 2004 at the Basilica de Santa Maria Dei Servi in Siena, Tuscany.

Mai still travels to Manila, Philippines with her daughter and husband Andrea to visit her family. According to Mai: "The older I get, the more I've learnt to appreciate things." 
Her husband Andrea says: "I wish Mai what we have, nothing more than this. We are happy and have so much more than others. I pray we can always keep it this way."

Another Filipina residing in Florence, Tuscany is Carina Asuncion.

Carina Asuncion is a Private Banker working and residing in Florence, Tuscany.

This is her home in Florence. According to Carina:  "I am living my dream but not in ways one would expect. Moving to another country, you give up everything that is familiar...Sometimes I'd have to double the effort only to achieve half. Then you realize that when you are partially blind, your other senses become more acute. I have learnt to observe; this is the gift this country has given me."


Salvatore Ferragamo with his wife Christine in the main entrance of their luxury resort Il Borro in Tuscany. The grandson and namesake of the founder of the House of Ferragamo credits family values and traditions to realise his dream in the luxury resort, Il Borro.  Salvatore is not involved in the family business but continues to preserve and develop the ancient village of Il Borro which was purchased by his parents, Ferruccio and Wanda Ferragamo. Ferruccio is the son of the founder of the House of Ferragamo, Salvatore Ferragamo.

Ferruccio Ferragamo, Company President and father of  twins - Salvatore and James.

Handsome James Ferragamo is the Women's Leather Product Director and responsible for the production of all categories of leather goods for Women (bags, shoes, accessories) as well as design and development for the Ferragamo collections.  According to James, it is their company policy that only 3 Ferragamo family members can work for the company.  James explained: "The family wants only what's best. It hires people who are qualified and who see it with a business perspective."

Salvatore and his wife Christine on horseback in their country estate in Il Borro with the vineyards in the background. They produce over 150,000 bottles of reds from their Winery in the estate.  On the Left Picture is James Ferragamo. On the Right picture is the Palazzo Ferragamo in  Florence. This is the Ferragamo store in Florence. Try to visit this Palazzo to shop for Ferragamo shoes, bags and accessories.

The Palazzo Ferragamo in Florence. Wanda Ferragamo with twins Salvatore and James. The gardens of Palazzo Corsini in Tuscany.

James with his wife Louise. They have three children and they reside in Florence. The Ancient village of Il Borro.  The picture on the Right is Fiona Corsini Di San Giuliano, wife of James' cousin, Diego di San Giuliano, who is a member of the  Board of Directors of Ferragamo.

Diego and Fiona with their children in front of their Palazzo Corsini in Florence.  According to Diego, their grandmother, Wanda Ferragamo, who is still alive and active in the Company " has been extremely good in keeping all the family together and continuously creating occasions for a reason to be together. "

My own Ferragamo shoes.

We learnt from the Ferragamos that Family traditions and values are important to preserve the family company. It is good that the family is still involved in every aspect of the Ferragamo brand. Who else to better  represent the company but their own family members.  As we know, Ferragamo shoes are classic, stylish, long lasting and comfortable shoes! I love them! You can  never go wrong with a Ferragamo shoes! It is worth the investment.  As for Mai and Carina, well, they are living La Dolce Vita in Tuscany. Living in their beautiful homes with their  loved ones, their own families.

Picture Credits and References: Philippine Tatler, October and November 2010 Issues.

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