The Unexpected Louis Vuitton Toronto

On the first Sunday of Fall, we decided to attend The Word On The Street  Book Street Festival, near our  alma mater, the University of Toronto. As we walked along Bloor Street, on the way to the event, we passed by this huge Louis Vuitton store which recently opened two weeks ago. Of course, we didn't know. The sight made us gasp with delight and of course, changed our course, to go inside. We decided to go to the Festival afterwards.

Wow, this store is spacious, well designed and just huge. As we entered, on the right side is all about Louis Vuitton Travel with its display of luggages, travel trunks in all shapes, sizes, materials and colours.  Then on the left side are the Bags section in all shapes, sizes, materials and colours. The second floor has the Men's and Women's Shoes and Pret-a-porter collections designed by the talented Marc Jacobs.

For those Louis Vuitton shoppers, if you wish to have the great service and attention without the crowds, the waiting and craziness of the Paris LV stores, then come to Toronto. I highly recommend Monsieur Phillipe to assist you in your LV purchase. He came straight from Paris. When he saw me, he immediately spoke French to me and got excited when he saw my LV Mahina L bag. He immediately complimented my bag and with one look, gave me his expertise assessment of the the material, the colour, that LV does not make that colour anymore and that I was so lucky to own it!  Who could resist such Gallic charm?  Enchanté!

Louis Vuitton Store, Bloor St. West, Toronto.

Speedy Bandouliere in Empreinte Leather.

Lumineuse in Empreinte Leather.

Eden in multi-colour Epi Leather.
Photo credit: Phil Oh,

Alma in Epi leather rainbow colours.

Don't you just love these bags?

Thank you to Louis Vuitton Toronto for allowing me to take some photos in the store.

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  1. I love the image on the front of the store - I was just admiring this advertising campaign in my Elle magazine. The Alma bags are such a great shape and size.

  2. This is like a candy store of handbags!

  3. very nice:) the virtual tour your show us Pam:)

    much love<3<3

  4. Looks good! I enjoyed this virtual browse

  5. I know this place well, love toronto and the store is amazing! kisses Pamela!

  6. Don't you just love knowledgable sales people who love the history and tradition of their company? It makes shopping that much sweeter! There's a guy at the Hermes shop here who is so amazing, we will stop in just to chat with him about everything from blankets to perfume. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Mary Jo

  7. thanks a mil for all your advice love! really appreciate it x

  8. your photos are so beautiful!
    I really like the new store as opened so fast!

    1. I was really surprised that they opened in the new location already. It is a beautiful store.

  9. Pamela, something tells me that that's not the last time you will be seeing Monsieur Phillipe! :)

    1. You are so funny! Well, when I come back to the store, I hope Monsieur Philippe will guide me to make the right choice to purchase one of those Bordeux bags that I featured here. :)


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