Summer Swim Time

Lately, we have been experiencing a heat wave here in Toronto. We can't complain as we welcome the sun and the heat in this mid-summer season. One perfect way to enjoy the heat is to go swimming at the new swimming pools at the Petticoat Creek Conservation Park in Pickering, east of Toronto. I was most impressed that the park have 3 pools and 1 splash area for kids and adults alike. Then the whole park also have hiking trails all the way to Lake Ontario and there are picnic areas all around. I also found some inspiring photos on Instagram of people and places to enjoy the summer's heat and sun around the pool. So where ever you are, enjoy the summer heat and sun while it last. 
 One of the Instagram I follow is french stylist and author, Caroline De Maigret.
A natural salt water pool in Salento, Italy from the Instagram post of LePostcard.
A lava pool in Porto Moniz at Madeira, Portugal from LePostcard.

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  1. I wish there was a heat wave here, it's not really been summer. Lots of rain and chilly weather, haha. This looks perfect, i love going swimming xx

  2. Morning Pamela! Must be an amazing park and I wish I visited it! You too enjoy the summer hear and the pools, kisses! xo

  3. I wish I could escape there right now! The place looks like paradise. Can't remember when I last went for a swim...

  4. Wow, Pamela, I would love to jump right in the water or go under one of the kids' sprinklers! Beautiful photos. :)

  5. A swimming pool on a hot day. Isn't that just summer?

  6. Those swimming pools look so nice! The last picture you show here from Porto Moniz is in my country and that is also a gorgeous natural swimming pool :)


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