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Fragonard Parfumeur was established in Grasse, France since 1926.  Grasse, is considered the World's capital of perfume. It is in Grasse, France that major perfumeries like Fragonard, Molinard and even Chanel  were all concocted and produced. Grasse and the Provence region  has abundant lavender fields, rose fields and other floral  and fruit sources used for the production of Perfume. Fragonard  was named after the famous French Artist  Jean Honore Fragonard. The company still produce  in the French Parfumerie tradition all of their products like the Parfums, Eaux de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, soaps in different shapes and made from different flowers and scents, lotions, facial creams and even body oils.  When visiting Grasse or Eze, both in the South of France, visitors can visit  and join a free guided tour of the Fragonard Museum and  Factories.  In Paris, visitors can visit the Fragonard Museum and of course the shops.

 For now, we will go shopping! These Fragonard products are great gifts for the Christmas season!

The Fragonard  Shop

Fragonard shops are located in Grasse, Eze, in Provence town of St Paul De Vance and some shops around Paris. These products are not sold in any Major Department stores or  retail shops around the world. The only  option to purchase Fragonard products is through their shops in France  and their website at
On the display above are the Parfum products in Gilded Aluminum bottles so that the perfume will be preserved longer for many years.

Here is  the Fragonard Special Tour Guide showing visitors to sample each of the perfumes. We were all seated across from her as she passed along the perfume samples to each one of  us to try.  She described to us the features and ingredients of each perfume. We tried all of the perfumes in front of us! This sampling occurs after the free guided tour of the Museum and the laboratories. She showed us how perfumes were made, source of  the ingredients, the packaging and history of the whole company.  The whole building and the shops smelled so "Heavenly."

The different sizes of Parfum Gilded Aluminum bottles and their respective prices in Euros.

The Fragonard shop in Grasse, France.  In view are the Transparent Soaps,  in the basket are the Heart Soaps then next are the three Botanical Soaps in Apricot, Almond and Olive.  Then the Rose shaped soaps and further next are the Egg shaped soaps boxed in egg cartons.

These are the Fragonard Eaux de Parfums products which has less concentration of alcohol & perfume oils. Less stronger than the Parfums. All of Fragonard products are made from natural flowers, fruits and plant products.  The Billet Doux Eaux de Parfum pays homage to the flowers of the French Riviera: Sweet William, Carnation, peony and frangipani blended with bergamot, mandarin, lemon on a background of cedar and vanilla.  All natural ingredients.

These are the Eau de Toilette products which offers many different compositions: Lavander, Cherry, Rose, Fleur de Vanille, Fleur D'Oranger (Orange Blossom), Verveine (Verbena), Citron, among others.  Fragonard  boxes are so beautiful too!

Here are some of the other products which are great souvenirs and gifts to family and friends.

 Fragonard offers different kind of soaps made from their Natural sources  of flowers  and plants. These are Transparent soaps made from Verbena (green), Lavander, Rose (pink) and Orange Blossom (yellow).

These are lovely gifts for children. I gave my niece one of these Duck soaps!  They smell so good!  These Duck soaps will make bath time fun for children! Notice how detailed they produced the Duck soap and comes with the beautiful decorative box.

These are some of my Fragonard collections from my trips.  I enjoy the soaps, the Eau du Toilette which is just the right scent for me, the body lotion and some samples of the Parfums. I love their packaging! So beautiful! These products smell so good! Of course, you will smell delicious too!

I hope you enjoyed our shopping together at Fragonard Parfumeur! It is worth the trip to visit Fragonard whether in Paris, Eze or Grasse, France. Even by just visiting their website at is already an inspiring trip to the Fragonard world. International Delivery is available.

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