Walking In The Steps Of The Knights Templar

 When we visited Portugal last Fall, we made sure that we joined the original and historic Tour of the Knights Templar. This tour is a whole day tour outside of Lisbon, Portugal visiting the towns that the Knights Templar inhabited and ruled around Portugal. The first place we visited was the Castelo de Almourol located in the middle of the Tagus River. We had to ride a boat to the island then hike up to the castle to visit and learn about this Knights Templar stronghold. They used this castle to protect Portugal from invaders. After visiting the Castle, we drove on and visited the Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal. This huge castle complex was the original stronghold of the Knights of the Order of Christ, which is the Knights Templar branch in Portugal. It is a well preserved round Church in the middle of the castle where the Knights performed their religious service. The whole Church was decorated elaborately in the baroque style. So much history and event must have taken place in that place. I'm sure that the Knights are still using it, secretly. Whatever their secrets are in these buildings, I am sure that they are still around, making history and changing our World. 
View of the Convent of Christ. 

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  1. The complex is so impressive and outstandire, sure it's worth to visit it, the castle seems from a storybook, gorgeous! Happy weekend Pamela! xo

  2. This looks so amazing. Definitely worth the visit, what a view. And the architecture is amazing, I love it!! xx

  3. I have alweays been fascinated by the templars tales, I wish I could visit these places as well!
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