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 Last Monday, 23 April, was a day that Toronto will never forget. It was the start of lovely, sunny and warm Spring day in the City,  almost perfect where people went to work, had their lunch breaks and enjoyed a walk to savour this lovely weather considering we had an ice storm just last weekend. Then tragedy struck when an evil young man, 25 years old, decided to rent a van and then drove through the innocent pedestrians along an almost 2 kms stretch of Yonge and Finch all the way to Sheppard Avenue, randomly hitting people that he saw. It was a very shocking and horrific event to watch live stream from the CP24 news website as we saw bodies of people that were struck and lying lifeless on the ground. We saw our first responders from the police, the EMS, paramedics coming so fast to rescue and help people. The paramedics went into action right away to resuscitate the lifeless bodies by giving CPR and deciding there who will live and some died on the spot. This young evil man killed 10 people and injured 15 more innocent people. Monday was a sad day for everyone here in our City. From this tragedy and loss, there are a lot of goodness and unity that emerged among Canadians especially encouraging each other to stay #TorontoStrong and to donate funds to assist the victims of this tragedy through the #TorontoStrong Fund. Then this coming Sunday there will be a vigil at 7 pm at Mel Eastman Square to honour the victims and the First responders. Another good thing about this tragic event that showed the World that Toronto is good was the Toronto Policeman Const. Lam who confronted and captured the Van Driver suspect without firing a shot. This showed Const. Lam's courage, discipline, effective training and that fighting evil with good wins. 
Fighting evil with good wins.
Learn more and Donate #TorontoStrong Fund.

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  1. When I read it, I was shaken, tears came to my eyes. What a tragedy, Toronto is GOOD, peaceful and such a beautiful city. Its so unfair. I remember so well that street, used to walk there when I visited the city. Stay strong Torontonians, Im with you <3

  2. So sad!! These things have to stop, stay strong. We can overcome this. Such a beautiful city of beautiful people, we can't let this become the norm!! xx

  3. I am so sorry about what happened, sugh a horrible tragedy. What I am really concerned about is that everybody can replicate this way of murdering people....
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  4. Such a beautiful city, it's so sad...
    Happy Holidays, Pamela.
    Kisses, Paola.



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