Exploring The Judea Desert

 A trip to Israel will not be complete without an adventure to the desert. Particularly, the Judea Desert, a mountainous region southwest of Jerusalem. This region was the ancient territory of the Israelite tribe, Judea which later became the Kingdom of Judea. As we travelled through the desert, we felt our ears popped as we drove down towards the lowest point on Earth, stopping here at Sea Level 0. As we drove along, all we saw is the massive land covered with sand and no life form at all. Through modern technology and irrigation, Israel planted some trees, the Dates trees in some fertile areas of the region. It was like being in another planet as there were different elevations and land formations all around the region. I was so excited and truly blessed to have visited this ancient region in Israel. 

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  1. This is so amazing, would really love to go and see this :) x

  2. Must be such an amazing experience, Id love to live it one day too. Kisses xo

  3. Wow! It is splendid Pamela. The palm trees are gorgeous.


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