Up In The Fortress Of Masada

Visiting the Judean Desert is not complete without a stop at the Masada National Park. The word Masada means fortress in Hebrew. This is a fortress built about 1,300 ft above the banks of the Dead Sea around the 1st or 2nd Century BC. This fortress later became a luxury resort palace for King Herod the Great. He built three luxury hanging palaces on this desert mountain overlooking the Dead Sea. King Herod built baths, a synagogue, a fortified and well equipped fortress for himself, his family and subjects. After Herod's death, Masada became a settlement for the Jews of the Zealot sect. Masada became the last stronghold of the Jews before the Romans breached the wall of the fortress in 72-73 AD. Rather than submit to the Romans, the remaining 100 or so Jews chose to commit mass suicides.  No wonder there are still the presence of the black crows on this park as a reminder of the tragic story that occurred in this Fortress. 
Some local Israelis chose to climb the stairs on top. It takes about 3-4 hours to climb by foot and in this desert heat. Our Israeli guide told us that it is a tradition in the Israeli army to climb this stairs to Masada. It is also a swearing oath in the Israeli army that "Masada shall not fall again."
View of the Dead Sea and the Roman base (square) still intact up to now. 
A model of the luxury hanging Palaces built by King Herod the Great. Inside are large baths, like a spa where King Herod and his guests can relax and hang out. 
This is what remains of the luxury hanging Palaces. 
This is one of their storage rooms where they kept food, drinks and other supplies. 
Near the place where the 100 Jews committed mass suicide rather than submit to be Roman slaves. 
The squares on the desert are former Roman base camps still intact. 
This was the water basin where they stored the water to fill the baths during King Herod's time. 
This was the ramp where the Romans breached the Masada wall to conquer the fortress. 
Black crows are still present in Masada as a reminder of its tragic history.

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  1. So impressive and picturesque, the view from the top is amazing. You look so cute and happy Pamela! xo

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