Not Exactly Petit Déjeuner At L'Oeufrier

 As you can see from my stories here on the Blog, I come from a family that loves to eat together. We love to discover different kinds of food every time we travel everywhere around the World. My late father instilled this love of adventure and eating together whenever we travel. Even at home, we love to discover the different food places around us. My brother, who lives in Montréal brought us here at L'ouefrier which specialises in breakfast served in a big, grand and delicious way. We ordered the works as we started our day with double eggs, scrambled eggs, omelet full of cheese and ham, sausages, bacon, french toast, fried potato and last pièce de résistance, crêpe with strawberry and banana topped with nutella. To back up all these food, of course, we had endless coffee, some had chocolate shake topped with whipped creme and for me, a fresh smoothie of banana and strawberry, called Bora Bora. Well, everything was delicious in this not exactly petit déjeuner diner.
I ordered the Le Gros Gourmand with bacon, sausages, fried potato, scrambled eggs and crêpe with banana and strawberry topped with nutella. 
This is La Mègatropole with sausages, ham, bacon, fried potato, french toast, double eggs and Québec specialty, cretons (pork paté). 
Cheese omelette filled with ham, sausage and fried potato. 
Bon Appetit!

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  1. Yummy, looks so delish and tasty! The portions are truly abundant and rich. xo

  2. Wow, what big portions, Pamela! The dishes are well presented and look delicious! Would you believe I have never eaten there yet??? So nice you were here in Montreal, and it looks like you had a great time. :)

  3. Pamela, that food looks so delicious. And what large portions! It's best when friends & family are together. Food does a great job connecting one another.


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