La Belle & La Boeuf

 Another treat from my brother was lunch at this Québec original, La Belle & La Boeuf, a premiere Burger bar in Montréal . This place combines both cool interiors and super unique menu plus burgers which equates to I love this place! What more can I ask for? This is a one place stop for drinks, poutine, and my love of anything burgers. On the menu, they even have a Crise Cardiaque burger, Heart Attack Burger, that is everything triple - triple beef, triple cheese, triple bacon, mushrooms, onions, tomato and BBQ Sauce, all arranged on top of each other, as high as you can. Eat it the best way that you can, the fastest way you can, the more you can and it will be free. Lastly, before you leave, check out the coolest Ladies washroom. This place is definitely the beauty and beast for burgers in Montréal.
 Above is the description of the Crise Cardiaque (Heart Attack Burger) and Epic
Quebec specialty is the poutine - fries topped with curd cheese, gravy and fried onion. 
I ordered the burger with swiss cheese, mushrooms with gravy cooked in red wine together with fried sweet potato and their sweet pickles dipped in Kool-aid juice. 
Lastly, they have cool ladies washroom that I have ever seen. Check out the art on the walls. Which one will you go into - Betty Boop or Wonder Woman?
Bon Appetit!

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  1. Yummy, you made me want some poutine now, looks so delish! xo

  2. Wow, looks great, Pamela! I really like the ambiance as well, with the exposed brick and wood.

  3. Definitely not a place where one would leave hungry!


  4. Really cool place :)

  5. I love a delicious tasting burger! Looks great and love the decor.


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