A Hidden Gem: Armenian Tavern

 During our tour of Jerusalem, one of our favourite places to eat is the Armenian Tavern located in the Armenian Quarter in Old Jerusalem, near the Jaffa Gate. This restaurant is truly a hidden gem as there is no big sign announcing this place. Only a small sign with a simple door and stairs going down the restaurant. The restaurant serve the most authentic kebabs, shawarma, falafel, Jerusalem salad and our most favourite drink, freshly squeezed lemonade with mint. We were also in awe of the decor with ancient Middle Eastern lamps, some Armenian artifacts, painting, rugs, bronze decor, ceramic vases and a display of Armenian jewels on display inside mother of pearl cabinets. This place is so amazing and so delicious to visit. We enjoyed it so much that we returned again for a second visit. This restaurant is truly one of a kind, has wonderful and friendly service and most of all, serves delicious Armenian food. 

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  1. Id be very curious to go there now, seems very nice and picturesque. Enjoy your weekend Pamela! xo

  2. This place isreally a hidden gem, The food looks delicious!

  3. I love the ambiance, Pamela, it looks very warm and cozy! And the dishes look very tasty! Thank you so much for sharing, dear friend. :)

  4. Such an interesting place, I love the details and the food looks so yummy!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  5. food looks yummy and inviting dear
    your photos are wonderful

  6. Pamela, the various lighting and lamps are absolutely exquisite. Gorgeous!

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