Happy Thanksgiving In The USA

This Thursday will be the Thanksgiving celebration in the USA. This is also the last time that President Barack Obama and his family will be celebrating Thanksgiving at the White House. It is quite bittersweet and sad that they are at the end of their term. The Obamas have shown style, class, inclusion, diversity, progress and peace not only in the America but in the whole world. They are a cool, intelligent and welcoming family. With the Obamas, you see love, success and joy. We are thankful for their service and sacrifice to America and the World. Now, to celebrate them, Vogue perfectly placed First Lady on their December cover. Just in time to cheer us up after that depressing November Presidential election result. For the first time, the Obamas shared their private quarters in the White House with Architectural Digest Magazine. They really have style as their interiors and art in their private quarters are so full of colour and joy. The interior was designed by Michael Smith. Unfortunately, the Presidential family and administration will change in January 2017. This time it will be a start full of uncertainty, disgust and division in the USA. As the Vogue cover stated above, we have to be thankful and get happy for now! Hopefully, the new President - elect will not destroy the world. We have to at least try to be positive, that's the most we can do for each other. 
Be thankful and get happy for now!

Photo credits: and Architectural Digest
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  1. I agree! Btw, their taste is remarkable, great decor and style. xo

  2. These are gorgeous pictures, love the decor!! Michelle is awesome :) I hope your having a great week :) x

  3. I totally agree with your comments, Pamela! Beautiful photos of Michelle, Barak and family. They are a wonderful couple.

  4. Such a lovely family and beautiful interiors!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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