Eat To Be Healthy At Daylesford Organic

 One of my favourite restaurants to visit in London is Daylesford Organic Farmshop & Café as this is one of the best places  to visit for organic farm to table eating and shopping. Daylesford make their own cheeses, breads, pastries and even their vegetables and meat are grown organically from their farm at Gloucestershire. Daylesford even make their own Rosé wine from their vineyard in Provence, France.  I enjoy eating here as everything they serve are grown organically and they use the high quality ingredients to  promote eating healthy.  Besides their cafe, there is also fantastic shopping here for the freshest food products, kitchen wares and organic body lotions and soaps. Even their Pimlico Road location looked festive during the Chelsea Flower Show. 
I had their Classic Hamburger with their award winning Cheddar cheese, red onions, heritage tomato and gherkins. Their ice creams are made from their organic milk, chocolate and vanilla. I had their pear and elderflower juice which is so delicious that I wanted to drink more. 

View here my previous post about my first visit to Daylesford Organic Farmshop & Cafe.

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  1. Ahhh...looks really wonderful :)) Gorgeous place :) Happy day to you lovely xx

  2. it looks like a very nice place! i love to eat organic :)

    Alice's Pink Diary

  3. I have to remember it when in London, sounds the perfect place I could enjoy since Im paying more attention on what I eat recently. Their food looks very good, healthy and scrumptious, wanna be there!:) Kisses Pamela! xo

  4. Interesting place, it's important to eat organic!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  5. Looks like a great place, Pamela! Love your photos. :)

  6. that burger looks absolutely delicious! love that they make a lot of their items. the ice cream looks so good.

  7. I didn't know about this place. The food looks so good! Definitely worth a visit!


  8. Ok that classic hamburger looks delicious, I should pay a visit to this place if I go to london


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