The View From The Shard

 I never knew that when I arrived in the London Bridge Tube Station that there are many sights to see around the area. From the Borough Market, the London Bridge, Southwark Cathedral and lastly, The Shard, are just around the corner. The Shard is currently the tallest building in the European Union. It was designed by the famous architect, Renzo Piano and completed in 2009. The building is now majority owned by the State of Qatar. The Shangri-la Hotel is located in the building too.  Best of all,  visitors can go all the way up to the 68th to the 72th floors to be in  the Viewing Gallery, London's highest viewing plateau. Here are the magnificently breathtaking views of London from The Shard. The building itself is so grand! It was truly fun and so worth it to discover this part of London. 
 The Shard built by Renzo Piano.
Views of  Tower Bridge and Tower of London. 
Up close, Tower of London. 
 View of the Thames River. 
 View of London Bridge and the walkie talkie Building. 
 View of Thames River and St Paul's Cathedral.
 View of Borough Market, Southwark Cathedral and the London Bridge Tube Station.
 Can you spot Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace?
I'm in the Viewing Gallery.
 Back down, you can walk south towards the Thames River to view the  magnificent re-development with glass towers and restaurants all around. 
I remember my late father, who instilled in our family the love of travel and love of food! 

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

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  1. Morning Pamela! Its such an impressive building, I almost feel in awe looking at the building. The view from there is outstanding, such amazing photos! Happy Fathers Day weekend, enjoy it! xo

  2. Amazing building, I love the view of London from there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy WE Pam!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  3. What an amazing view! Next time I go to London I will visit the Shard for sure! Amazing pictures! Amazing post!

  4. really nice view, it's such a long time that i don't visit london, must go
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  5. What a gorgeous series of photos!!!

  6. My father passed in 2007. He would be very proud of you Pamela. Gorgeous sites.

  7. Amazing sights!! I think I ought to visit London soon

  8. Such a gorgeous pics! London is impressive!

  9. I have enjoyed following along with you on your London trip both here and on Instagram. The Shard is a favourite of mine and I took a very similar photo from Borough Market. I've not yet had time to go to the top but I know it will be worth it. Great photos of the amazing views and the iconic buildings.

  10. So cool that you visited The Shard! I went there about three years ago after it had just opened. I would really love to go back and try the restaurants that have opened there since then.


  11. Fantastic travelogue Pamela. So glad you got to visit the Shard, the views are amazing aren't they.


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