London Bridge Food Tour

One of the places I really wanted to visit in London is the Borough Market. Luckily, before my trip to London, I discovered the London Bridge Food Tour offered by the Secret Food Tours. This tour brought us to the heart of Borough Market which is one of the largest food market in London and its surrounding area. It turns out that the  area is quite busy and very developed, maintaining its old London charm with its Georgian buildings, the Southwark Cathedral and the newly built, tallest Building in the EU, The Shard. 
Let's go back to the food tour which truly presented the best of British food! As we all know, British food is not as popular and not as highly acclaimed as French or Italian Food. But British food is now gaining popularity  through its famous chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey. Their food is really delicious, has high quality as they are mostly grown organically in their local farms and also has very good presentation. During the tour, we tasted the Lincolnshire sausages, English fudges, chocolates, honey, different kinds of cheese, British cider ales, the best fish and chips in town plus a surprise treat of oysters freshly prepared right in front of our eyes by Simon Lamont, the famous and down to earth Irish, Lazy Chef. Of course, our tour was guided by no other than English rose, Charley, who was so friendly, so informative and so down to earth fun! I truly enjoyed this memorable and delicious visit in Borough Market and also some sightseeing around the area. I highly recommend this tour when you are in London. How can you resist all of these fresh food and the spectacular sights near the Thames River? Of course not!  
 The Lincolnshire sausage.

 English fudge with flavours like Clotted Cream Fudge and White chocolate fudge.

 A line up of our Fish N Chips to eat.

 I learnt that the difference between English Chips and French Fries is on the size. English Chips, just like above is thicker and full of the potato meat while French Fries are thinner.

 The restaurant with a view of  the Southwark Cathedral.

 Our guide Charley.

Fresh bread in the market. Their foccacia is so fresh and full of olives and vegetables. The Olive cheese sticks are delicious for sure. I tried them the first time at Harrods and it was fabulous.

 Here we met Simon Lamont, the Lazy Chef himself. He is famous for his own TV Show titled the Lazy Chef. In his new venture  Shuck LDN, an oyster haven in the Borough Market. Simon prepared oysters by cooking it Blown. It was very tasty and good thing we didn't have to eat it too raw.

 We even saw Sir Francis Drake's Ship, the Golden Hind.

 Borough Market new glass entrance.

View of Tower Bridge and London City Hall.

The London Bridge along the Thames River.

I dedicate this to my late father, whose favourite city to visit is London and who loves food!

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. I love Borough Market! The food selection is amazing; a great place to hang out at, especially when the weather is good.


  2. Wish I was in London now and take the same tour there, Borough Market seems something Id enjoy so so much! Thanks for the letting know about the difference between fries and chips, I honestly didnt know about it. Im so famished now!:) Happy weekend Pamela and happy Father's day! xo

  3. Pamela, everything looks fantastic...and the food selection is wonderful! :)

  4. I've been traveling to London for nearly 20 years, and have never been to the Borough Market. How yummy it all looks!! BTW, do you like Indian food? We love eating Indian in London. Cheers

  5. I have never been in this market, and I didn't know about the british cuisine becoming more and more popular. Fact is that the 3 times I went there....I didn'eat anything!

  6. Hi Pamela, thanks for the british food tour, it's very interesting.
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. Yum, this looks perfect :))) xx

  8. Cool british food tour, I would like to visit the Borough Market!!!
    Take care always, love Paola, xo.

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  9. The food looks so yummy :)

  10. Looks amazing! I'm feeling so hungry now

  11. Lincolnshire sausage in a roll with mustard, OH YES!

  12. that was a cool tour. those fish and chips look so good!


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