Enchanting Chelsea Flower Show

 I was so delighted to finally realise my dream to attend the RHS Chelsea Flower Show held in Chelsea, London. The whole show is the world's best gardening show featuring various gardening and landscaping designs from the UK. Of course, the UK is well known for their English gardens with their mix of lush and colourful flora and fauna. Most of these gardens were designed with a certain theme depending on their corporate sponsors. The nice thing about the Show was these gardens will be relocated on to their various charities around the UK. The judges also chose the Flower of Year and handed out the Gold and Silver medals to these gardens. Every garden wins. It is just a matter of getting the Gold or the Silver medal. There is also the People's Choice Award which was announced on the last day of the Show. The day I visited was full of people! You got to be patient to see the gardens up close and take your best shot. But what I will remember the most is seeing all these beautiful flowers, the colours and most of all the various smells of these gardens. It was just so fragrant everywhere! There was so much beauty around. The Chelsea Flower Show was truly a celebration of flowers and gardens. Here are my favourite gardens from the show. 
 Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities Garden which will be relocated to a community project in Poplar, East London. The garden is an artistic interpretation of a community garden designed by Chris Beardshaw. I love the irises and mix of various flowers and green on this garden. 
 A Perfumer's Garden in Grasse, sponsored by L'Occitane en Provence.
 This garden celebrates the declining perfume industry in Grasse. It shows a peaceful oasis of olive trees mixed with water and various lavender which the Provencal region is famous for. 
The Hidden Beauty of Kranji , sponsored by Esmond Landscape and Uniseal. The garden featured the national flower of Singapore, the Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim. 
 This garden showed various exotic orchids, waterfalls, a tropical environment of various plants and flowers found in Kranji, a suburb of Singapore. 
 Time in Between, sponsored by Husqvarna and Gardena. 
According to the Guide, Charlie Albone has designed this garden as a space to tell his late father about his life since the elder man's passing. It is a space to reflect, contemplate, celebrate and enjoy life.
The circular water fountain actually fill with water to represent his late father full of life then suddenly the water recedes to represent the loss of life. 
 Such an exotic flower. 
 The Beauty of Islam, sponsored by Al Barari from the United Arab Emirates.
 This garden was planted with olives, rosemary, citrus and cardamon. It is simple but very elegant, made with marble and mother of pearl and so peaceful. 
 The Brewin Dolphin Garden sponsored by Brewin Dolphin. This garden featured these hand-cut slate that form the surface. It is very modern but natural.
 The Laurent-Perrier Chatsworth Garden featured the rock formation gardens  inspired by the gardens of the Chatsworth Estate. 
I liked this bath tub in the green house. It was so fragrant inside and chic! 
  Some fashion style from the Chelsea Flower Show.
There were lots of Champagne and Pimm's drinking all around.
 The People's Choice Award was given to the Sentebale - Hope in Vulnerability Garden.
Sentebale was the Charity founded by Prince Harry to help the vulnerable children of Lesotho in Africa. The architecture and garden presented here showcased the landscape of Lesotho in South Africa. 
Enchanting and breathtaking, Chelsea Flower Show!

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  1. Wonderul show, I love the exotic flowers!!!
    Happy WE Pam!
    xo Paola
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  2. Lucky you, Pamela! Must have been truly enchanting and a mesmerizing experience. From your photos, looks so awesome, would be my dream as well! Happy weekend! xo

  3. Wow, Pamela, absolutely gorgeous!!!

  4. I have heard of this event but I've never been. Thanks for taking me via these photos!


  5. Hi Pamela, I've always loved to visit gardens and flower shows. I was really excited to see the orchids and even more surprised to see you writing about Kranji Singapore. I'm from Singapore. We have a really nice man-made Garden called Gardens by the Bay which feature lots of beautiful flowers and plants. That said, I'm somehow always drawn more to flowers in the European countries. I love to visit an English market whereby there are flowers.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  6. Just so beautiful, I could move right in here, haha!! Love all the flowers :)) xx

  7. Omg, these gardens are beyond gorgeous pamela!

  8. Wonderful post! I wasn't able to go down to the Chelsea Flower Show but this was the next best thing as you have captured it all so well. I liked the Beauty of Islam garden with its simplicity and it must have been so fragrant in there. Loved the bath tub too. I'm so behind with my blogging but I'm enjoying following along with you on Instagram.

  9. that is so cool. i would love to walk around there. i've never seen fountains in the walk ways like that.

  10. I would really love to walk around that garden. Beautiful flowers :)

  11. Amazingly beautiful! I want to go to the flower show too


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