Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

 During my vacation in London last week,  fellow blogger and friend, Paul who is the author and owner of the Blog, Magical Christmas Wreaths  and I had a chance to visit the latest and hottest exhibit in London, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty  at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  This exhibit was originally shown at New York's MET Museum to very popular acclaim. After several years, it is now in its hometown in London, where everything started for Alexander McQueen.  I learnt many things about the man, his talent, his inspiration and most of all his accomplishments in all of the different designs that he produced. The whole exhibit was exhilirating, mesmerising and amazing! This is all due to Alexander McQueen. I learnt from the exhibition that his inspiration came from London, his Scottish heritage, from religion, Gothic, from opposing ideas like life and death, different cultural tribes, even Asian influence like some Japanese design elements among others. He used real horse hair, real feathers dipped in gold, snakes skin that were dyed to look like fabric, among others. It was truly a breathtaking exhibit. Photos are not allowed in the Exhibit but we managed to take away some photos here. Thanks to Paul for this wonderful time that I will remember forever! 
I was intrigued by these masks that Alexander McQueen made for his models to wear during the Fashion Shows. They are so creative and well-structured.
 Romantic Gothic - McQueen's design for Givenchy.
 Philip Treacy hat for Alexander McQueen. 
Alexander McQueen had so many different Collections which were all superb and original. But one thing that he was consistent with is his talent for tailoring which you can see up close in the clothes. The Alexander McQueen Fashion house is now designed by Sara Burton who is a long time staff of Alexander McQueen.  Long live McQueen!

The Exhibit is from 14 March - 2 August 2015. 

Photo credits: Photos 3,4,5,6 are by Magical Mr. Paul.

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  1. How nice you met up with him and how kind of him he brought you to visit the exhibit, looks so mesmerizing and amazing indeed, wish I visited it too! Hopefully, you could take some snaps the same, they are wonderful! Happy Wed Pamela! xo

  2. Really nice :)

  3. I bet it was amazing seeing these in person. Absolutely spectacular!

  4. This exhibit looks amazing! And how wonderful to meet Paul, he seems like an interesting, amusing and delightful man.

  5. This is so perfect!! He's one of my favourite happy his creations will live on and people will keep enjoying them. Happy weekend doll xx

  6. McQueen left us too soon! He was absolutely brilliant, and his designs, particularly the armadillo heels, will continue to captivate us. Lucky you to catch the show! Cheers

  7. He is truly one of a kind. I love his creations. They are out-of-this-world and simply unique.

    The Pink Lemonade Girl


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