My 5 Best Food Discoveries In London

 When I was in London, someone asked me "What do you think has changed in London since your last visit?" Well, my answer  was that besides more traffic, there is now an emerging food scene in London that is more diverse, authentic and truly cool! They are delicious and has that London edginess to it. I tried some of them, some of them I discovered by chance, others through recommendation and others through my own research. Here are my top 5 best food discoveries in London. 

As per my cappuccino above, nothing beats better coffee than the Italian coffee. I discovered this by chance as it was the closest to my Hotel. This Milanese coffee brand is all over London now housed in the huge glass coffee houses, offering their delightful sandwiches, pastries, breads and sweets. This is definitely a better alternative to Starbucks.
Gail's Bakery was recommended to me by Paul as one of the best Bakeries for a flat white coffee and  authentic scones. Luckily, there was one bakery near me at South Kensington. It is a small bakery but full of love, deliciousness and freshness of baked goods from authentic scones to carrot cakes. If you are looking for a breakfast place around London, try Gail's, it is truly one of the best in the City. 
This is one of my best meals in London! As this was originally from New York, USA, they serve the best lobster rolls and Ice tea on this other side of the Atlantic. I visited their restaurant at Harvey Nichols which is one of the fabulous Department Stores in London and near to Harrods. As you can see, they are huge servings of salad, fries and the lobster roll with herbed melted butter. The bread was grilled with butter, sprinkle the lemon all over the lobster and fill it with the herbed butter sauce to enjoy every bit of it. Their ice tea is to die for. Just make sure to do lots of walking afterwards. But this is worth a visit when in London. 
This was recommended to me by my brother as not to be missed when in London. I come from a family of foodies. So I receive food recommendations from them from all around the World. Pilgrim's Pizza was founded by two Italian men from Calabria who moved to London to establish their Pizza business. They specialise in authentic Italian pizza down to the drinks. We started with fried artichokes, then we ordered Portobello Mushroom and Truffle pizza and the Smoked Napoli Pizza with anchovies, black olives, capers and tomato sauce. For drinks, my friend had their Limoncello cocktail drink and I had their special that night of Peach cocktail. This branch on Kingly St in Carnaby, London is a happening place plus their delicious food, it is one happy evening! 
I discovered The Brass Rail at Selfridge's by chance because I was actually looking for a Japanese place to have lunch but I could not find it in this huge Department Store. So I ended up at The Brass Rail where they serve Salted Beef Sandwich which I have not tried. The Salted Beef  is actually the British version of the smoked meat which I have tried in Montreal. But this is more saltier and of course came from the best of the British beef. I ordered this Salted Beef Reuben sandwich with  Swiss cheese (my favourite), sauerkraut and pickles. As you can see, it is quite a huge sandwich but worth every bite! It was also my first time to try the Rose Lemonade which is so luxurious as it really tasted like rose, smelled so good and of course the pink colour is just so pretty! Only in England that I can drink this Rose Lemonade. Now, I am hook. All of these food places in London are just so irresistible and so memorable! Definitely, these are places I would visit again. 

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  1. Ive heard a lot of Caffè Nero and so curious to try it once will be in London next time. Also the other places sounds (and looks) very good! Happy Wed Pamela! xo

  2. These look marvellous. Have been in Cafe Nero before. All the food looks marvellous. Happy day doll xx

  3. I love both Italian coffee and pizza :)))
    Great places!


  4. They look amazing, Pamela!!!

  5. Great recommendations; I had never heard of these places, except for Caffe Nero which is very popular.

  6. They all look like they have really good food! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I thought the burger and lobster sounded familiar! I always try to go to places in NYC that are not everywhere else, even Starbucks, sometimes you get stuck however! Everything looks really good, I have heard so much about the London food as well, can't wait to have an afternoon tea there one day!

  8. I just had my regular Friday sour cherry and dark chocolate scone from Gails which I eat like a cookie with my coffee....ooops its not even Friday. Haha :)))


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