Toronto The Best City To Live

 Canadians are well known to be polite and modest people. We tend not to boast about things when we are on top of the World like in Banking, Hockey, the Arts and even some Supermodels from our Country. One thing that we can celebrate is that Toronto is declared by the The Economist Magazine as the Best Place To Live In The World in 2015 and also the top Safe Cities in North America. These indexes are carefully analysed by the The Economist Intelligence Unit using various factors like safety, livability, cost of living, environment, democracy and food security. Montreal is the second and Stockholm, Sweden as third best City to Live in the World. We are so proud that Toronto is the #1 Best City In The World to Live.  It's my home sweet home. 
 Here is the complete Index of Indexes: Best City To Live Report from The Economist.
 We are the best because of our diversity in people, food, entertainment and culture plus our City is very safe with less crime, it is clean, very polite people that respects privacy, has world class Shopping whether we go downtown on Dundas, Queen St West or Bloor-Yorkville, lots of parks and better services.  Toronto also have the best Hospitals, very good schools and the University of Toronto. Being the best and #1 ranking does not mean that we are perfect. Our City has a high cost of living which is normal for a large City. We know that we still have many things we have to improve on like less traffic, better public transportation and making our City more beautiful and efficient. 
Four Seasons Centre  for the Canadian Opera Company.
We also have many festivals in Toronto even during Winter. This week we have the Toronto Winterlicious 2015 which is a food festival of prix fixe menus offered by hundreds of participating restaurants in the City. Of course, my friends and I participated right away last weekend at Ciao Wine Bar in Yorkville. My friends had the Caesar Salad and I had the crostini with mushrooms for appetizer.
Most of us had the Tagliatelle with shrimp and tomato sauce.
For dessert, we had Vanilla Bean and Honey Panna Cotta with champagne fizz and citrus salad.
Photo credits of these Food: my friend Amy using her brand new Iphone 6.

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  1. This looks super, I've never been to Canada before, but it looks great. Love the pictures. I hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. So proud and happy about it too! Love Toronto, wonderful city, wonderful people, wonderful food, everything is wonderful there! I only have the problem to suffer the cold, but I really think is the best city where living and Id love to be back there so bad. Many kisses Pamela! xo

  3. All these facts make me want to visit Toronto even more now! Great that you are proud to live there!

  4. I am in love with those pictures. I really want to visit Toronto because it seems an amazing city, full of events and beautiful monuments. :)

  5. Wow, this city looks pretty interesting! :)

  6. Beautiful photos, and I love those tulips!!!

  7. These photos are very beautifull!
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  8. Oh this is definitely something to be proud of. Makes me want to visit this amazing city of yours!

  9. I love the fact you guys are so quiet! It speaks of the country's decorum. Canada is gorgeous.

  10. Toronto is beautiful i hear. Great place to live indeed.

  11. great photos! would love to go to Toronto one day!


  12. It's wonderful that Toronto has been voted number one and you must feel so proud and fortunate to live there. I always enjoy your posts about the city and its many attractions and I would certainly love to visit Toronto and Montreal one day. The food festival sounds just my kind of thing too!


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