Fun Things To Do On Family Day

 This coming Weekend will be the first long weekend of the year in Toronto to celebrate Family Day. Here are the two best places to visit to spend time with your Family, the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada and LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. Both places offer different sights, activities and fun together with some educational experiences for both the children and adults, especially the young at heart. Talking of hearts, this Saturday will be Valentine's Day too. This Weekend will surely be a fun and busy weekend with lots of love. 
 There were lots of sharks at Ripley's that you can be so close to.
 Going under water with the fish and other sea animals swimming all around us.
 So much fun for the kids and the brave at heart to crawl through this tube while sharks swim around.
 For those who love to play with LEGO, here is LEGOLAND Discovery Centre which has rides, 4D Cinema Theatre shows and LEGO workshop play land. 
Here is Toronto's iconic downtown re-created in a Mini-Legoland.  
Get out this winter long weekend and enjoy Family Day! 

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  1. How cool Pamela, I didnt know it, for sure you are going to have an amazing time with your family! Both places are very nice, now I want to go to Legoland Discovery Centre, how the recreated Toronto's downtown is so fun! Many kisses! xo

  2. i never knew there was a ripley's aquarium! how cool! i would be all over lego land. you guys have the coolest things.

  3. Oh how fun! Aren't Legos just the best?

  4. Great ideas for days out. Even though I don't have a family, I think that I'd still enjoy visiting these attractions.

  5. Ahh...these places look amazing!! I want to go to them! Would love to crawl through the tubes, haha. My oldest would, but my youngest would freak out I think. I might even get a bit freaked if too many people were in it at the same time. Hahah. I hope you have a marvellous weekend my dear xx

  6. An amazing idea for weekends! Thanks for sharing! xx
    Margo Raffaelli

  7. Very sweet ideas Pamela. I was recently at the Natural History museum, and although it's not a real acquarium, it's dark and there's lots of under water ocean sounds + large video of underwater scenes so you have the feeling you are under water and it's so relaxing! I'm back blogging again, I hope you stop by and say hello!

    xo Mary Jo


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