Holt Renfrew Northern Lights Christmas Shop


One of my favourite stops during my Christmas shopping is the annual Christmas Food Hall, at my favourite Department Store here in Toronto, Holt Renfrew. This year the Food Hall is called the Northern Lights Store which features an international Christmas food selection from London's Fortnum and Mason and famous Parisian food stores Fauchon and Mariage Freres. There are also delicious shortbread and chocolate chip cookies made by local Canadian bakeries around Toronto. The display inside the Store follows the sparkle and whimsical Northen Lights window display outside the store. Just being here with all of the delicious food selections and colourful Christmas packaging feels so special and magical to shop around. 

See how the holiday windows came to life on this video.

View Holt Renfrew's  Holiday 2014 Gifts Magazine.

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  1. Ah Pamela, make me feel magical only to look at the pics! How gorgeous, plus the food selections must be so delectable and gourmet! Miss Toronto so bad this morning :) Have a great Wed, kisses! xo

  2. I absolutely love this series, Pamela!

  3. So cool that you get to buy goods from Fortnum and Mason in Canada. We don't have these here in Lux :( And this reminds me that I still haven't done any Christmas shopping... yet.

  4. Great food selection, Lovely place!!! The tutù tulle skirt is wonderful!
    Love, Paola.
    My Facebook

  5. I would love to wander around this store and I'm sure I would leave with quite a few shopping bags. How lovely that the food department stock goods from around the world. The skirt is so pretty too!

  6. I always love Holt Renfrew around the holidays!!

  7. those chandeliers are gorgeous.


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