Discover 10 Things Not To Do In Paris

 1. Don't Shop on the Champs Elysee.

The Conde Nast Traveler Magazine published this article, 10 Things Not To Do In Paris written by Christina Henry de Tessan which has been quite popular around the Web. The article provided more tips into Paris that mostly a local would know and showcased more insight into Paris than the more obvious tourist spots. This article encourages us to go beyond what we see and to explore Paris more.
 Luckily, I read this article after my trip to Paris because if I had read it before I would be so bias. It turned out that my trip to Paris turned out somewhat similar to Christina's list. On this visit to Paris, I planned to explore places that I haven't been to. I discovered so much more by taking the bus, by taking walks, by getting a bit lost and visiting Museums and Parks that were never on my list before. So through my photos, I was able to match her list with some of the places that I visited. I am sharing here some of my tips too.
Don't shop along the Champs Elysee. Instead, shop on the Left Bank along the Rue Bonaparte (first photo above) and along the Rue de Rennes which is lined with traditional French boutiques offering gloves, shoes, clothing and accessories. 
Local French Shoe Boutiques along the Rue de Rennes.
I was turned off by Champs Elysee now as it is now turning into a centre for foreign brands like Banana Republic and next year J. Crew will open a store there. The more local French brands are found in the smaller streets in Paris. 

 2. Don't Get Star stuck on Mealtimes.
The best advise to experience the best restaurants in Paris is during lunch time. It is not too busy and not too expensive. Also do not hesitate to try the local Bistros in the neighbourhood.

 3. Don't Spend All Day at the Louvre or the Musee D'Orsay.
When I was in Paris, I visited the Natural History Museum's Grande Galerie De L'Evolution  and the Galeries D'Anatomie both located at the beautiful Les Jardin des Plantes.
There are other smaller Museums worth visiting in Paris like the Musee De L'Orangerie, Musee Picasso and the Musee Rodin. 
  4. Don't Commit a Fashion Faux Pas.
By looking like a tourist going on a hike. Leave your shorts and sneakers at home. You do not have to look like the Parisians as they naturally have style and are so chic. But at least make an effort like this local Parisian to wear dress pants, nice coat and sensible shoes.
I caught this super stylish Parisian near the Palais du Luxembourg. 
 5. Don't Get Around Town In A Cab.
One of the things I enjoyed was riding the local Bus around Paris. I discovered so many areas around Paris that I would not see from a local Tour Group. It is also safer than the underground Metro and offers the best views of the City.
 6. Don't Seek Out Bohemian Ambiance On The Left Bank.
Honestly, there is no such thing as a Bohemian ambiance on the Left Bank. Seek out other areas on the Left Bank like the Place Saint Sulpice above which is surrounded by Cafes and Shops.

Also explore Rue du Bac. 
The University area of La Sorbonne at Boulevard St Michel. 
 7. Don't Waste Time At The Eiffel Tower.
When you ride the Bus or walk around Paris, you will discover that you will see the Eiffel Tower in so many spots around the City.

8. Don't Book the Cheapest Hotel.
 9. Don't Fill Up on Croissants.
Although the best croissants in the World for me is in Paris, try the Pain raisin, the macarons, Pain almond and also their local quiche.
Delicious quiche in Paris.
10. Don't Buy Into Stereotypes.
Best advise from this article is to try to understand and to imitate the local customs and you'll be rewarded for your efforts. Try to speak some french phrases and great them  with a friendly Bonjour and then Au revoir  which will do wonders for you during your visit to Paris.

Bon Weekend mes amis!

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  1. Interesting advices, and indeed it's very important what to avoid when travel somewehere too. I experienced many times that dissapointment by the places listed in every touristic guide and also a pleasant surprise by the places shown by locals which were on any list what to do or to see. Thank u! (-:

  2. Your tips are very useful and seems reading all the list I maybe visited the city in the wrong way. But first time you see Paris you want to do all the "tourists cliché" :) Oh at the Eiffel Tower is there is always a ling line, I could go up but was also very freezing! Better enjoy it from the many spots in the city. Have a lovely weekend Pamela, kisses! xo

  3. Basically you can hardly go wrong in Paris....even if you're scarfing up croissants in your sneakers. How are you these days, Pamela?

  4. It's always a pleasure to see your beautiful pics!!!!
    I love Paris & the parisienne Style too!!
    Love, Paola.
    My Facebook

  5. Great post, Pamela, and gorgeous photos, as always!

  6. I' m in love with Paris!! Beautiful pics! It' s a pleasure to see them!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. I would've done all the wrong things! hahaha This was so good. It really makes sense. Thanks Pamela.

  8. Fortunately I didn't commit all of these errors but I will keep them all in mind for my next trip to Paris ;)

  9. These are great advices...I agree with them!! Happy December doll :) xx

  10. A very interesting read, especially since I'm quite familiar with Paris and live two hours away by train. A bit surprised that anyone would fill themselves up with croissants? Personally I don't see anything wrong with shopping on the Champs, although, yes there are also many other great shopping areas. Fashion faux pas? Just like any big city, no one will really care about how you dress. I agree with some of the tips but not all of them.

  11. What an interesting post. Over the years I have learnt how to get the maximum benefit from my visits to this fascinating city. I love the Musée d'Orsay but you are right, there are many other smaller museums to enjoy. The Musée Marmottan is a favourite of mine. Walking gives the opportunity to discover new spots and the unexpected.

  12. Lucky you! Great pics. Kisses, Lucy


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