12 Trees: The Toronto Edition

 Now we begin our Christmas Edition here on the Blog. Presenting here the 12 Trees The Toronto Edition currently on exhibit at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. This has become an annual Christmas event in the Museum featuring 12 Trees designed with annual theme. This year, the Trees were designed by 12 well known Toronto designers featuring the different areas of our City. Viewing the decorated Christmas Trees was like touring around Toronto featuring the diverse areas and characteristics of our dear City. The exhibit is showing now till December 14th. Check these out as they may give you an inspiration in decorating your own Tree. Have you started decorating your home for this coming Christmas season? Here are some Christmas Tree inspirations. 
 Unique In The World, designed by the Museum featuring the ceramic Christmas decors sold in the Museum Shop.
 The Gardiner Museum is known as the Ceramic Museum in Toronto.
 The Furry Friends Of Forest Hill.
 Forest Hill is the one of oldest and richest neighbourhood in Toronto. In this area, we find huge Georgian style mansions. This tree featured the neighbourhood with the mansions, the local coffee cafe living side by side with its furry friends especially the infamous Raccoon Santa.
 This is one of my favourite trees. So elegantly designed by Teatro Verde. I loved how they designed the Tree starting from the bottom then going up by grouping all of the bronze decor at the bottom, then the white decor, the pinks and pastel colours and ending on the top with the golden decors. 
 It's All Greek To Me, featuring Danforth Avenue which is the Greektown here in Toronto.
 Northern Lights designed by my favourite Department Store here in Toronto, Holt Renfrew. 
Next week, I will feature their Christmas windows with the same title, Northern Lights.
 The Tree was designed with white doves, owl, golden and silver balls. Can you spot me?
 Dragons and Fauna, featuring Toronto's Chinatown.
 This Tree in red, green and gold featured some Chinese dragons, crackers and flowers.
 Hockey Town, of course, Toronto is a hockey town.
 Toronto is the centre of hockey especially during our long winter season. 
 A Steampunk Christmas, featuring Toronto's Distillery District. 
The decor features mechanical designs which can be found in the Industrial buildings in the Distillery District.
 Bright Lights, Big City,  celebrates the Mirvish Village neighbourhood known for the big lights of the discount store, Honest Ed's. 
 I love the festive decor of this Tree with balloons, trumpets, champagne flutes and musical notes.
 This Tree was designed by the famous Toronto Interior Designers, Stephen and Chris.
Lastly, don't forget to leave a note for Santa with your special request for this Christmas. 

Happy decorating for this Christmas Season!

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  1. Pamela, everytime you feature Toronto I feel nostalgic. If I was there, I would have visited the exhibit for sure. Love all the trees, the one made my HR is my fav and now looking forward to see how they decorated the windows this year. Have a wonderful weekend Pamela! xo

  2. I love Christmas! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  3. Very difficult to pick a favourite but I think Northern Lights would be the one.

  4. Yay, christmas trees, i love all the different decorations especially when they use their own museum shop goodies on it. I did see someone do an Hermes box christmas tree. And Cartier in front of their store does the same, there is a stock image I use every christmas that illustrates that :P

  5. that's a fabulous tradition! it's really cool to see how they design them each year. i love the all gold one.

  6. These look so amazing, I would love it :)))) Happy day doll xx

  7. Some of these look so cool! We don't even have a Christmas tree yet...

  8. Gorgeous trees and my fav is the furry friends of the forest one. The raccoon on top is so unexpected and delightful!


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