Pure Joy At Angelina

During my trip to Paris last month, one of the restaurants that I must visit is the famous Parisian tea room, Angelina. I have read about their super delicious and authentic Hot chocolate drink and of course their to die for pastries. I discovered more when I visited both of their locations at Rue Rivoli, near the Jardin Des Tuileries and their other location at the Musee Du Luxembourg on the Left Bank, that they also serve really delicious french cuisine. On two separate visits, I ordered their Scandinavian Club Sandwich and their special chicken dish. Then of course, I indulged myself with their famous pastry called Mont Blanc and their famous and to die for chocolat chaud l'Africain. Both of my visits here at Angelina were pure joy, not only by the traditional french ambiance, their friendly and professional service and most of all their delicious food and drinks that is uniquely Angelina. 
I tried their Speciality Mont Blanc dessert made with chantilly cream, meringue and chestnut cream vermicelli. Their  famous chocolat chaud l'africain (Hot chocolate Africain) is so authethic and thick that it is such pure joy to drink. It was served in the French style with the chantilly cream in a separate mini-jar and mixed it according to my own preference. 
Mixing in the Chantilly cream to lighten the pure hot chocolate.
Lunch at Angelina.
Scandinavian Club Sandwich with smoked salmon et frites.
Then on another visit, I tried the Tarte Citron made with smooth lemon creme and marshmallows together with the chocolat chaud l'Africain.
 Angelina Chocolates for Sale to take home. 

 I wish I can try them all. It may take me a whole month to try each one of these. 
Then also do lots of walking around to burn the sweet calories.
These Parisian pastries are just pure beauty, pure deliciousness and pure joy to see.
That's why a trip to Paris is worth it just for these French pastries. They are a work of Art. 

Here is a little secret that I would like to share:  The Rue Rivoli location near the Jardin des Tuileries is decorated elegantly like a French Tea Room but mostly full of tourists as this is Angelina's main location. The Angelina at the Musee du Luxembourg on the Left Bank is decorated more like a Dior store with gray and white chairs and mostly visited by local Parisians. 

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  1. Oh my Pamela! Is like you killed me!:) I wish I was there and go there right now, Ive read a lot about it too but unfortunately I never went. In my next trip to Paris I will, and will follow your tip. Btw, that Mont Blanc is to die for!XD

  2. Ooooh...I need to go here....looks perfect, the food :)) Amazing :)) Happy day to you doll, I hope it's a wonderful one :) xx

  3. So many delectable things here, Pamela! :)

  4. This brings back memories! The hot chocolate is amazing, isn't it! I've enjoyed it in Paris and earlier this year in Dubai where they have opened a branch. I've not had any savoury dishes but your lunch looks so appetising. Must try it next time!

  5. One of my top places to visit when get to Paris. Too bad they couldn't open one in NYC as I think it would do well. Maybe they will see how well Laduree is doing and give it a thought

  6. I've heard about them and they are fabulous! Everything looks so delicious.

  7. Thanks for this tip! I am going to bookmark it for my next Paris trip!

  8. Life is dessert first! :) That citron tarte looks heavenly!! Thanks for sharing another one of your favs, Pamela. Warm greetings~

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