An Abundance Feast

Every time we visit Montreal, we can't help but stop over at the Marche Jean Talon to eat, shop and just walk around to see all of these abundance which is a feast in the eyes. Enjoy these celebration of food. 

Where to Eat

Soft taco with pulled pork and red onions.
Got to try these gluten free crepes. 
Apple crepe with chocolate and caramel sauce.
Turkish desserts at Patisseries Orientales.
Portugese Natas.

To learn more about the Marche, view my previous post Say Fromage At Marche Jean Talon.

Bon Weekend!

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  1. Oh my, Im making my breakfast and Im now watering just see at all the food photos, its a big feast indeed!:) I want to try the crepes!:) Bon Weekend Pamela, enjoy the beautiful Paris! Bisou! xo

  2. I am drooling here! i love these pictures!

  3. I visited that market... I remember that it was not easy to find but worth the journey

  4. W O W!!! Now that is a market! Look at all the fresh produce. And those mushrooms. I could spend hours here. Happy weekend, Pamela. Cheers from DC!

  5. Beautiful beautiful photos, Pamela! I've always wanted to visit Montreal!

  6. Jean Talon Market is awesome, Pamela!!! And Quebec strawberries are delicious and my favourite...they are so sweet and juicy!

  7. I love the fruits market so much near me but this one looks pretty :D

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  9. This looks amazing, I think I would have been standing and eating all the strawberries, they look amazing ;))) Have a gorgeous week my dear xx

  10. That market is amazing! Beautiful fresh fruit!

  11. Food markets are so cool! I wish we had such a food hall in my country...

  12. What a Lovely place..... this market is incredible!!!!!
    Love, Paola.
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