Food Adventure At Quebec City

 Travelling in Quebec City is truly a gastronomic adventure especially for French food and traditional Quebecois cuisine. I discovered quite ironically that in trying out traditional Quebecois cuisine, which was strongly influenced by French cuisine, that I have finally eaten my truly Canadian meal right here in the heart of Quebec nationalism. Where did I experience this epiphany? Right here at the Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens which prides itself in serving an old fashioned Quebec cuisine since 1966 in this historic Maison Jacquet,  built in 1675-1676. The restaurant was named after a famous novel, Les Anciens Canadiens, written by Philippe Aubert de Gaspe, who lived in this house. The Menu is mostly Quebec cuisine featuring wild meats such as Bison, Caribou, Elk, Beef, Duck, Chicken and Veal. There are seafood and vegetable meals offered in the menu too. Those wild meats including their speciality dessert, maple syrup pie are  traditional Quebec cuisine and also truly delicious Canadian meal.
 For Sunday Lunch, we chose the Special Menu offered here for a very good price of $19.95 Cdn which included a glass of wine, beer or drink of your choice,appetizer, main entree and dessert.
 The interior is typical of ancient french houses in Upper Quebec City. It has low ceilings and mostly made of wood. There are many wood carved Art on the walls from local Quebec artists. 
 For Appetizer, I chose the wild bison and caribou rillettes with toasted bread and apricot jam. To eat it, spread the rillettes on the bread and top it with apricot jam. So yummy!
 My main entree, I tried the Lac St Jean meat pie made with wild meats of Bison, caribou and elk with potato.  I liked it that the table setting was in blue and white and the food were served in their blue and white China.
I cannot leave Quebec City without trying their traditional poutine which is made of french fries with Quebec cheese curd and topped with gravy. This is super delicious.
 Other members of my family ordered the Bison Burger. 
 Bison cooked bourguignon style with creamy blueberry wine sauce. 

For dessert, a traditional Canadian maple syrup pie with unsweetened whipped cream. This is one of my favourite desserts. Here in Toronto, they make this as Butter tarts. One can only try this here in Canada. 
I will be continuing my french adventure this week to Paris, France. I am excited! 

Happy Thanksgiving in Canada!
Bon Weekend!

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  1. I really like thise restaurant! The food looks delicious!

  2. This place looks like heaven for gourmands! And the price was really excellent, you got a great deal. Oh poutine! I still remember my first time I ate it, I was super curious as Ive read is a traditional Canadian meal. The dessert looks so yummy! Have fun in Paris Pamela, how exciting! Enjoy your trip and have a safe journey! Hugs! xo

  3. The food looks so good Pamela! I love the charm of the place. The dishware is so pretty. Love the design.

  4. Looks like a great meal! I love poutine and now I am craving it!

    xo T.

  5. I'm not a meat fan but the dessert looks very good! I would have been happy just having that one.

  6. Oh, wow! As you know I live in Quebec and am enchanted to see this lovely post! I live in Montreal and haven't been to Quebec City in many years, but I have fond memories of my visits there. I look forward to seeing if you ever make a trip to Montreal! I love your photos! Thanks so much for sharing, Pamela.

  7. Such a beautiful place...everything looks delicious!

  8. I haven't been to Quebec City but would love to get up there! Thank you for sharing your experience! xoxo

  9. Yumm!!! This restaurant looks great! Lucy

  10. Wow it looks amazing, all of that good food!

  11. This looks amazing, gorgeous place :) xx

  12. Wow, love the photos of this restaurant Pamela! It looks so hearty and delicious! Also wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Hoping all is well with you!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. Québec has been on my must-visit list for quite some time (I'm sure I've mentioned this before!) What a cute restaurant where not only the food looks so tasty but the crockery and table cloths look attractive too. The lunch seems to be excellent value!


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