Shangri-la Moments in Boracay

The view from our Room Balcony.

We just recently returned from a vacation to Boracay Island, Philippines. We stayed at the tres elegant and first class Shangri-la Boracay Beach Resort & Spa located on the tip of the Boracay Island in Southern Philippines. Boracay is known for its white sand beaches, clear and sparkling emerald waters from the Sulu Sea and known for its night life all happening right on the Beach. Then of course, Shangri-la Boracay, is known and as we experienced, for its luxurious pampering of their guests and elegant facilities. Everything in this resort is first class. From the moment we landed in the Caticlan Boracay Airport, we were greeted by their own staff, then driven in an air conditioned van that smelled of lavender towards their Welcome Lounge before boarding their own private jetty boat to reach the Resort. We experienced from Boracay Shangri-la the best of the Philippine Islands, the best in Filipino furniture and interior decorating style and most of all the best of Filipino hospitality to their guests. I was especially touched by the kindness, patience, friendliness and professionalism of their staff. Truly an extraordinary staff and a magical place to spend your time in. A special paradise I wish to return to one day.
Boracay is known for its white sand beaches along the Island.
Shangri-la Hotel and Resort's deluxe sea view rooms and the cottages on top of the hill are known as their Treetop Suites. The Resort also have several Private Villas with their own swimming pools. 
The Main Lobby with their staff always ready to help and always greeting guests cheerfully.
The Lobby Lounge, a place to relax, have some cocktails and listen to live music entertainment.
Everywhere around the Resort was built using Philippine raw materials of native wood and stones and designed in Philippine architectural style. 
Surrounded by water for tranquillity and peace.
These light balls were created to look like they are floating on water.
The Infinity pool overlooking the beach on the other end. The swimming pools use freshwater with chlorinated salt for softer skin and does not hurt the eyes when you swim.
A place to relax and eat.
Guests can enjoy their own Quonset hut to have a meal and relax.

View of the Aloha Bar.
Fresh fruits and vegetables including the Coconut for guests to enjoy a fresh fruit juice.
Who would like to take a nap in these hammocks?
A Beach scene in Boracay Shangri-la.
One of their most popular dish is the Seafood Platter at Sirena Restaurant in the resort. We ate these large prawns, grilled squid, grilled fish fillet, two fried soft shell crabs and 3 large lobsters. 
The way to the Beach. 
A sand castle on the White Sand Beach.
Taking a morning walk along the Beach after a heavy Buffet Breakfast.
Live music to accompany the famous Boracay sunset.
A finale, the Boracay sunset. Hoping, to return again.

So let the sun shine in 
face it with a grin. 
Smilers never lose 
and frowners never win. 
So let the sun shine in 
face it with a grin 
Open up your heart and let the sun shine in.

-Open up your Heart and Let the Sun Shine in Lyrics

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  1. Heavenly! It s great u had such a beautiful time! For me, who has never been at this kind of places (kind of tropical:)) this is even more exciting! xx

  2. Goodness, this place is amazing!! I could really do with going here, stunning place. Am glad you had such a wonderful time doll. Thank you for the well wishes too, so kind. Enjoy the weekend xx

  3. I truly believe it is a paradise on earth. Pamela, your photos are breathtaking, wish I was there right now! Must have been a wonderful trip, glad you had a great time. I'm so curious to try their food and dishes, I'm always interested in foreign cuisine:) You made me dream dear, thanks for sharing your photos. Have a great weekend, kisses! xo

  4. wow, such an amazing place... it's paradise. i wish to visit that place also! thanks for sharing!

    Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  5. Wow, another paradise on earth!

  6. These phoros took my breath away, its a paradise on earth, the sea looks so magical, hope you had the most wonderful trip!

  7. This looks like heaven on earth! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Beautiful photo's from Boracay island! I want to go there as well :-)

    Happy Sunday!

    Madelief x

  9. Beautiful, a piece of heaven! <3
    new follower here.
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  10. Preciosas fotografías!!

  11. What a wonderful place! I really want to go there one day; thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  12. Pam, This looks fabulous! You must have had a great time. The beaches are so lovely. I especially love your last pic of the sunset. Really enjoyed your Instagrams!


  13. Such an amazing place the beach remember me a bit to Thailand but the Sangri-la hotel looks like an amazing paradise I am sure you enjoyed the stay a bit Pam.
    Specially love that light balls so original.

  14. Beautiful!!!1 I love it :-)

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  15. it looks like an amazing vacation!! I've always wanted to visit Boracay. & the Shangri-La is one of my favourites :D

  16. What an oasis Pamela! You lucky girl! I love it! I love all of their gardens & fountains :D They look so peaceful and tranquil. I love that sand castle. Gorgeous place! Glad you enjoyed doll.

  17. Have a great and productive week ahead dear!

  18. One of my favorite places in the world!!! So jealous of your trip - I must go back one day!!

  19. I want to go to that paradise. Amazing post! :)

  20. I am jealous. What a lovely time you had!!

  21. Oh Pamela. I just want to relax in a hammock and breath the flower scented air. Lovely photos.

  22. Thanks for your great comment! I enjoy hearing your views.

  23. Once I reached the end of your post I went right back and took the trip again. Your photographs are sublime, the shot of the view from the boat is sheer perfection. You were certainly staying in the lap of luxury Miss Pamela. Those blue waters and white sand beaches are the stuff of dreams. I hope you saved some grilled squid for me, my favourite:)

  24. That looks so lovely Pamela! Your photos are gorgeous, I hope to visit there sometime, for some reason it's never been on my radar, but I've just changed my mind!

    xo Mary Jo

  25. This is the heaven! Wonderful pictures!

  26. That looks just amazing, Pamela. I'm so very jealous!

  27. awwww - envy you. hope I can afford this stay soon.

  28. Oh my....what a wonderful place! Beautiful pics ^^


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