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Tammy in Madagascar.

I would like you all to meet Tammy, the founder and Author of her Blog, Edgymix - Travel for Fashion. Last year, Tammy embarked on a year long Solo journey across Europe, Trans-Africa and parts of the Middle East. It was a very brave, ambitious and spectacular trip which she generously shared on her Blog. Tammy's Blog features her travels around the World with her own take on the fashion, lifestyle and culture of the countries she visited. She is not just interested with the traditional sightseeing but she takes the time and makes an effort to meet and mingle with the locals to learn about their countries and about themselves. Now that she is back in New York, her hometown, she generously shared her Adventures with us here in her own words.
Tammy, tell us about your year long Solo Journey last year? 

 I started my trans- Africa journey from Sept 2012 and officially ended it at August 17th 2013. I had visited 27  new countries this time and so far I had been to 103 countries. 

 What was your purpose for undertaking this Solo Journey?

I want to visit every single country in this World and capture the fashion elements of each and every country. But of course I want to show people about the fun things to do in every country. For me, this journey was very exciting because I love Africa and the Middle East. I know I was going to hit 100+ countries.

On your Blog last year, you featured every step of your journey and provided advise on travelling solo especially for women. What is the most valuable advise will you give to a woman who is planning to travel solo?

 Be brave, be kind, be generous and be cautious. I believe there are more good people in this World than bad people so I am not afraid to travel alone as a single woman. But of course, you need to be street smart and always ask local people for advise.
Morocco - Sahara Dessert

What is your advise to anyone who plan to travel to Africa and the Middle East?

Africa and the Middle East are NOT as dangerous as most people think! There are many Western media who projected Africa and the Middle East as some of the most evil nations which I think is NOT true. If you have followed my Blog, I always met kind local people who helped me unconditionally. Just open your heart and be kind to people. They will be kind to you. Also, do lots of research before you go to Africa and the Middle East. Since most places are not easily accessible, many places you need to rent a car and you need someone who know how to fix a car. When I traveled around Africa, I was with several people who know well about a car so when the car broke down, we would not be stuck in the middle of nowhere. People in the Middle East are the most generous people I have encountered. You just need to know where you are going and you will be fine. Just go there to see for yourself and do not believe the media 100% of the time. I felt very safe while traveling to those places.

What did you learn about yourself during this Adventure?

I had been traveling for so long so I cannot say I learn a lot about myself through traveling. But I did understand better about long term traveling. It is hard, really hard as I always miss my friends, family and my cats at home. Also, I do not like traveling too tough (like many people will sleep on the street, hitch-hiking, etc) and become fat and ugly at the end of the journey. I felt like long term travel is not for everyone and people should think hard before doing it.

Any favourite countries that you discovered during this trip?

MADAGASCAR and YEMEN! It is just too amazing. I have never seen such wonderful places in my whole life even though I have traveled to so many places. I have not covered these two places yet on my Blog but will definitely find time to write about these amazing countries later.
Santorini, Greece.

What was the most difficult challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

The most difficult challenge was that some parts of Africa have no water, no electricity and I could not even take a shower for a couple of days. Traveling around Africa is so different from traveling around Europe or Asia - it is 10 times tougher! I almost wanted to give up during the middle of my trip because I don't think I could survive any longer without water and electricity. But then I did not want to be a failure so I just bravely faced the fact that I have to look really ugly and dirty for a couple of days before I see a Hotel again. 

What is your advise to traveling light?

I don't travel as light as the other super-travelers. I believe even when you are traveling, you need to look beautiful. So, my advise, just be yourself and bring whatever you felt like it.

You met so many people and visited so many different countries during this Journey. How did this whole experience change you?

The more people I had met, the more I know how little I have achieved for this World. Really, I had met some people who have done so many great things for others or had built up a great business. I have learnt what I had achieved were not the greatest and I need to keep working hard. This makes me stay positive and want to be a better person every day.

I read on your Blog posts that you received several marriage proposals. How many marriage proposals did you receive during this Journey?

Just two. I understand people who live in poor areas would like to get out and have a better life. We all do! But I hope they really think that I am cute too!

What an amazing journey Tammy! This Solo adventure that you accomplished is truly spectacular and so inspiring. You have achieved this great journey by yourself which is so admirable. Thank you very much for allowing me to feature you here in my Blog. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
- Lao Tzu

Photo credits: All photos courtesy of Tammy of  Edgymix-Travel for Fashion Blog.

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