A Modern Princess

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece is one of the women that I admire. Formerly known as Marie Chantal Miller, daughter of American Billionaire Robert Miller, Founder of Duty Free Shops and Chantal, a fashionable Ecuadorian. Marie Chantal was born in London but was educated in Hong Kong, Switzerland, France and New York. She became a member of Royalty in 1995 when she married Prince Pavlos of Greece in a lavish wedding in London attended by Queen Elizabeth II and all of the other Royals from around Europe and the World. Presently, Marie Chantal and Pavlos have five children and they are all living their modern and busy lives in their stylish London house. 

I admire her for being her own modern woman, a hands on mother to her kids, a loving and successful marriage with Pavlos and balancing all that with her career as a designer and founder of her own Marie Chantal Children's Wear Collection. The Marie-Chantal brand started in London which now have boutiques in the USA and sold in Department Stores around the World. Marie Chantal  also has great style as she is always impeccably dressed in Valentino and Dior. The Princess is also active in social media at Instagram @MarieChantal22. All of these for me definitely makes her a Modern Princess in her own way and a modern fairy tale come true. 
 To read the Article on Hong Kong Tatler: A Royal Appointment.
All photos from Hong Kong Tatler

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  2. She is so awesome! What a well rounded lady! I love her style and admire her education. Highly respected!

  3. Pamela, she is truly a modern princess, what an interesting lady! She is so full of charm and grace, love her style too, plus is also a designer:) Have a nice evening dear, kisses! xo

  4. She does seem very charming and beautiful + has a truly charmed life! Thank you Pamela for the sweet mention of my Flash Sale!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. I had never heard of her before but from the photos I find that she looks like a modern princess. Thanks for sharing this interesting information.

  6. Love her, so classy and stylish!

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  7. Her life is so different from mine. I can hardly imagine it. She does it all with such grace.

  8. She is such a classic and elegant beauty, I didn't know much about here before, thanks for the research and info, so lucky to be a princess! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by hun :)

  9. Wow! She really sounds like a modern princess :) Love the fact that she has an instagram account, :D

  10. She is so elegant and stylish and what an education - I'm sure she must speak several languages very well! The first photo is stunning and what a beautiful dress in a colour which goes so well with her colouring. Thank you for your comment on my Paris Street Style post. The cute bookmark wasn't from Anthropologie but apparently was bought in a bookstore called D&R in Istanbul!

  11. What an interesting lady she is Pam!

    Happy day,

    Madelief x

  12. Lovely shots and the first picture looks wonderful!

  13. She looks very adorable! Lovely girl!

  14. She is a really modern and elegant women! Nice post! :)

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  16. She is such an inspiration and such a classic pillar of strength. The embodiment of a woman <3


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