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Aerial View of Boracay Island.

Boracay Island is one of the 7,100 Islands of the Philippines. The island is located in the Southern Visayas, about one hour away by airplane from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It was our first time visit and we were in awe as our Airplane flew by the Island. There are two Airports in the Southern province of Aklan, Kalibo and Caticlan to reach Boracay. We landed in Caticlan Airport then rode the private Boat of Shangri-la Boracay to reach the resort which I featured in my Blog post Shangri-la Moments in Boracay. The island boast a long stretch of the World's best softest white sand beaches and clear, warm waters of the Sulu Sea. Boracay is also proud of its Night life by the Beach. Even Travel + Leisure Magazine named Boracay the second World's Best Islands for 2013 which was eclipsed by Palawan, another Island in the Philippines. When we were planning our trip in Manila, we asked the Concierge at our Hotel, what are the things to do there? Besides, the night life, there were shopping and also numerous fun water sports to choose from. Come and join me as we discover Boracay.
This was the view from our Airplane before landing at Caticlan Airport in Aklan Province.
Docking Stations at Caticlan, Aklan to cross going to Boracay Island. See how clear the waters are? 
These are traditional motor Philippine boats supported by bamboos to balance the Boat. As you can see here, the locals use Bamboo sticks to turn the Boat around  before turning on the motor to travel towards the Boracay Island. 
One of the things to do in Boracay is to have fun with the water sports from Para-sailing to Banana Boat rides. These are Stations situated in the middle of the Sulu Sea. Govenment Officials have moved these Water sports stations far from the Beach shore for safety, peace and more space for Visitors to enjoy the Beach. 
According to the locals, this is World Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao's Boracay house and his Resort.
Well, for the Shoppers like me, D-Mall is the Shopping Mecca here in Boracay. As you can see here, the Tri-cycle (yellow cab in Motorbike) is one of the traditional Filipino mode of transportation especially used in the Island. 
D-Mall offers many shops for souvenirs and anything to do with the Beach and Water sports.
D-Mall was built over the white sands of Boracay so prepare to come in your Beach slippers.
Colourful stalls and items all for sale at D-Mall.
I just got to take her photo. I am having my fashion moment here with her. She was looking for a Hat.
After trying out several stalls, she finally found her hat that matched her ruffled yellow dress. 
At the end of D-Mall is the Beach at Station 2.
This area goes alive at night with its pulsating Night life and Restaurants along the Beach. 
As the saying goes, the best things in life are free. These corals scattered along the Beach are for free.
We chose and brought home some of the best corals just scattered here on the Beach. 
Another thing to do is to join an Island Hopping Tour aboard this traditional Boat.
Oh Boracay, you are just so beautiful and magical! 

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  1. What a stunning place, love these views :)) x

  2. Morning Pamela! Boracay is a marvelous island, I am stunned looking at your photos, very well deserves the prize as the seccond World's Best Island for 2013. D-Mall looks so interesting and full of lovely stuff, feeling in awe too in front the beauty of this place, the last photo is too dreamy. Kisses dear! xo

  3. I am officially sold on Boracay, that aerial shot of the ocean is breathtaking, the water sports sound like immense fun. That hat is too cute. Do people speak much English there and whats the cuisine like?

  4. Oh my! How beautiful! Have never seen pics from here....lovely!



  5. The aerial view is just stunning. This is the first time I have seen picures of the island and I'm fascinated by the traditional boats supported by the bamboo to balance them. The sea is also such an incredibly beautiful colour too.

  6. What a beautiful place. The colour of the water is just unbelievable! One day, I shall visit this place too...

  7. That water is amazing! Great photos!

  8. Pamela, it is nice!!!! I love the boats and those shops are so cute! I would have bags of stuff. HAHAHA Glad you enjoyed.

  9. When I saw the first picture I was reminded of the Tom Waits beautiful song All the world is green. Just beautiful, everything!

  10. As I said before it's a heaven) And also seems very interesting place!

  11. Talk about shangrila! I want to visit this island, on the bucket list!

    xo Mary Jo

  12. I appreciate your thoughts hun...Happy End of the Week!

  13. Boracay looks so peaceful and relaxing Pamela. I love the idea of the water sports station out at sea. I'd be all over that even without an invitation! The diving must be amazing. Doesnt Manny's house look incredible, the front verandah is something else, wow!

  14. Again a lovely place! You´re so lucky to be able to see all these spots :)

  15. I am thankful for your kind comment, have an awesome weekend!

  16. Boracay is really the best place to stay for vacation.
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