A Summer's Walk In The Park

I am sharing here the beautiful and nature photographs of my cousin Eric during one of his summer's walk at Miliken Park in Toronto. Eric is a professional photographer, truly talented and has the love of photography. Sometimes it is interesting to look at the photos of other people as you learn and see their perspective on how they see life, nature and things. I was amazed when I saw my cousin's photos because he transformed what he saw through his photographs.  Miliken Park, located in North East Toronto is a huge expanse of green park filled with ponds featuring Canadian wildlife like the Canadian Geese, Duck and maybe frogs here and there. There are also picnic tables available for a relaxing and fun summer's picnic, a walking trail and of course some summer flowers. We Canadians use the most of our parks during Spring and Summer because when Fall comes, these leaves start to dry up then fall and the flowers will wither away. All we have is the barren landscape waiting for snow to come. But we do not want to think about that yet. Not yet, we are still enjoying our last days of Summer! 
These are Canadian Geese.
Cute posing Duckies.
Admiring the green landscape of the park due to too much rain this Summer. 
All photos by Eric G.

God is truly a top-notch designer of living things.
His creations are second to none. Thank you Lord.
- Eric G.

Enjoy the Labour Day Long Weekend!

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  1. Beautiful photos! You mention picnic tables, which makes me realize that I haven't gone on a picnic for a long time. And now that summer is almost over, it will have to happen in 2014!

  2. Pamela, congrats to your cousin Eric since these shots are to die for, really outstanding! The park must be great, wish I was there right now, looks so peaceful, plus I love the areas with picnic tables, it somethins I always enjoyed since I was a child!:) Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the last summery days over in Toronto! xo

  3. Preciosas fotografías!!

  4. Beautiful pics, love animals and the nature !!!

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  5. Your cousin is a great photographer! The landscaping is beautiful.

  6. Beautiful photos. I just love the generosity of a lovely public park.

  7. lovely pictures

  8. Pam, thanks for featuring my photos in this week's Style and Travel blog. It's amazing what the human eye sees and recording them is quite enjoyable. Thanks to digital photography, other various forms of high tech devices and social networking, we are now able to record, save and share with family and friends as we please. And to all your friends and readers, thanks for all the wonderful comments!:)

  9. This looks like a really lovely and relaxing place :)

  10. Hi, Pamela -
    Thanks for sharing your cousin's photos. And many thanks to Eric for these beautiful images! I especially love the shimmering light on the pond.
    We are celebrating Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. Happy weekend to you all in Canada!!

  11. Lovely :)

  12. Beautiful photos. Enjoy the last days of summer!

  13. So impressed by these beautiful and soulful images of nature, the ducks are so sweet! Id love to take a stroll here, seems so peaceful and serene. Happy September Doll!

  14. I love ducks! They are so cute! I like it!

  15. Your cousin's photos are stunning and the vibrant colours of the petunias are so attractive.This looks like such a tranquil place to take a stroll. As you know we enjoy our parks here in the UK too.

  16. A very talented and inspiring series of photos here--your cousin does beautiful work

  17. Love the posing ones! So cute :D
    Great pics :)

  18. Pamela, the flowers and plants are amazing! I love the cute ducks!!! He takes some fabulous pictures.

  19. Your cousin took amazing pictures! That park is so beautiful and looks really peaceful as well...

  20. a magnificent park. beautiful images
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  21. This place looks so lovely and peaceful!
    Have a nice day!

  22. Eric is a very talented man Miss P. He has captured the essence of Torontos park life here to great effect. Love the two lady ducks chilling by the pond and the island beds with the tobacco plants erupting in the centre with their fragrant white flowers. Wonderful stuff!


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