Elegance at The Four Seasons Hotel

Here in Toronto, we have seen a surge of luxury Hotels opening in the past year. These luxury hotels from the Trump International, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, The Shangri-la and lastly the Four Seasons Hotel opened last year almost one after the other. These luxury Hotels also offer Private Residences for the ones who can afford and prefer to live in Luxury Hotel Style homes. So far, I was most impressed by the Four Seasons Toronto. Actually, The Four Seasons Hotels and Resort was founded here in Toronto in 1960 by Canadian Isadore Sharpe. Mr. Sharpe still remains as the Chairman and the company still maintains the headquarters here in Toronto. The previous Four Seasons Hotel was located a block away from this new location on Bay Street, right at Yorkville. The new Hotel has two glass Towers connected by the glass tunnel as shown in the above photo. These new Towers represents a very modern glass and linear design which is also evident in the interior design.  I am not an architectural or interior design expert but harmony in design is something I truly admire. Some hotels could look generic but the Four Seasons feels so classy, elegant, cosy, original and more like a home.
Inside the Lobby follows the twin linear design with these matching towering beams just like the two Towers outside. 
Even the elegant floral arrangements follow the twin linear concept.
The Floral arrangements scattered around the Hotel Lobby were so grand and elegant.
Another thing I admire about this Hotel is that the Lobby is divided into separate public spaces and designed  just like your own Living room at home, allowing the public space to become a private space. 
Guests and Visitors can have their own private space for conversations and meetings. 
Another chic interior corner in the Lobby.
Below is the the Dbar named after the first initial of famous New York French Chef, Daniel Boulud.
Then on the second level is the Fine Dining Cafe Boulud, French Chef Daniel Boulud's first eating establishment here in Canada. 
My friend and I tried the Cafe Boulud for our lunch gathering. 
The Art displayed around the Cafe were created by Mr. Brainwash which is the moniker of Los Angeles based Street Pop artist Thierry Guetta.
Mr. Brainwash uses icons of consumer culture and celebrity and mixes them with early pop art images to create his own pop art and graffiti hybrid. 
- All work by Mr. Brainwash exhibited in Cafe Boulud is available for sale through Gallery One.
Here I am still admiring the fragrance and floral arrangements around the Hotel.
I am sharing with you these Dessert masterpieces from Cafe Boulud. Above was my dessert choice called Fraisier Moderne composed of the pistachio dacquoise, roasted strawberries, white chocolate mousse, goat cheese and strawberry sorbet. I had a Nova Scotia Lobster Salad for my main meal. I enjoyed both dishes tremendously. 
My friend chose the Tonka and Coffee Panna Cotta with Biscuit Sacher, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Gelato. We finished both our meals. When the server took away our empty plates, he told us the Chef will be so happy to see the plates coming back empty. It was that delicious! The food, the drinks and the service at The Four Seasons were truly impeccable and first class. I was so impressed and would definitely come back again to eat! 

To view Heather Clawson's of Habitually Chic stay at the Four Seasons, Chic in Toronto: The Four Seasons.

... in a category by itself, a true Four Seasons in our hometown, our flagship hotel. 
It is a landmark development for the city of Toronto.
- Isadore Sharpe, Founder and Chairman, The Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

May you all have a fantastic weekend! 

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  1. I would more than certainly love to stay at this hotel. The interior looks very appealing and so does the food!

  2. That hotel looks so elegant and I love its decoration! :) Have a nice weekend! :)

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  5. So chic, Pamela!! You lead a glamorous life, my friend. I love the soaring spaces and pretty floral arrangements. And of course, that dessert looks divine :)

  6. There is just something exciting about a big dramatic hotel lobby.

  7. such a classy place to stay in ! love!

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  8. Amazing place!

  9. Those floral arrangements are divine!
    And those dishes look delicious!
    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog :-)

  10. Looks beautiful!!! And the food delicious :)

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    Those desserts looked totally amazing!!

  12. Pam, Fun to read about this. I agree The Four Season's has no parallel and always gets it right. This place looks like no exception. Interesting how they set that lobby up. Great idea to have cozy spot. The food looks divine too! Thanks for sharing!


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  15. wonderful to have The Four Seasons at your doorstep. I stayed at the one in Hong Kong...your photos reminded me of it right away. I will never forget afternoon tea, on my was a heavenly two hours. I had the tray all to myself and enjoyed every miniature bite! Lovely photos...thanks for the memories! xx

  16. Thanks for your visit, I hope this week goes well for you!

  17. I love the Four Seasons and always loved spending time there--even though it was within walking distance of where I lived, we would sometimes check in for a long weekend--ultimate decadence, but so fun! Hope your last week of summer is wonderful!

    xo Mary Jo

  18. Pamela, it is absolutely gorgeous! When you said Four Seasons I expected nothing but the best. Love that MJ, Einstein and Bob Marley picture. Beautiful food!

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  22. Hi Pamela! Is truly an impressed hotel, I feel in awe looking at the photos, the design is so stunning and very classy, the cafè must be so cosy and chic, the desserts look very tasty and just adore how they served them, outstanding!:) Seems a shame to eat them!:) Kisses dear, hope your week is going fine so far! xo

  23. I love luxe hotels so much!!
    Since having a baby, my budget for them is unfortunately gone :)
    Still it's nice to appreciate them x

  24. Oh Miss Pamela, you really have surpassed the realms of luxury with this one. The hotel looks wonderful and your meal sounds and looks so sophisticated, perfect for a lady such as yourself. I would love to try the pistachio dacquoise it looks divine!

  25. You post really jogged my memory today Miss P. When I worked for Gianni Versace back in the 1990s I worked with the wonderful Eric Buterbaugh. He is now a fantabulous florist who has a studio at the Four Seasons LA. Funny thing is I can remember that he was always fluffing about with flowers when we worked at GV or he was busy pinching my bum at every oppourtunity and asking me if I wore underwear every day!:)


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