Nature's Wonders


I was preparing for dinner the other night when I caught a quick glimpse through our kitchen's windows overlooking our garden a delightful surprise of our tulips finally blooming. In my excitement, I immediately ran to grab my camera to take some photos. This for me is the perfect time to capture the blooming of our tulips. This is the stage that they are preparing to show us their beauty into full flowers. The anticipation of our flowers blooming is one of the joys of Spring.
During this Spring time, the season for renewal, I have reflected on some things about nature:  
  • Patience pays off. Let nature take its own course. We will eventually be rewarded with our blooming flowers.
  • Change is constant and good. We experience changing Seasons, changing colours, growth and expansion.
  • We do not have to venture too far to find Beauty. Only if we will look for it and find it right in front of us, exactly where we are. 
  • Find beauty in the imperfections. There is one tulip in these photos that is out of line. I tried to fix it but it won't let me. So I just left it instead of breaking it apart. It is where it wants it to be. Just let it be.
  • Lastly, let nature surprise us in its own way! I am excited now on what else will bloom in our garden next. 

May everyone have a wonderful week! 

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  1. Your garden is so beautiful, what a lovely place to enjoy the splendors of nature, can't believe the tulips flower this early in Spring!

  2. Pamela, wow your tulips are too stunning! In particular love the pink ones, very lovely! I enjoyed reading your thoughts about nature, they could be applied also in life:) Kisses dear! xo

  3. I can't wait for my tulips to come up!
    Your garden looks really beautiful and colorful.


  4. How sweet. That little tulip is you. Just beautiful and doing exactly what it wants.

  5. I love tulips <3
    Beautiful photos!

  6. Beautiful tulips! And funny that one is out of line but that makes it the more special!


  7. Me encantan los tulipanes. Unas fotos muy bonitas.

  8. Bonitas imágenes!!

  9. I do love tulips--how nice to have them growing right in your yard! I just bought a big bunch at the market this morning :)
    xo Mary Jo

  10. Thanks for your visit sweety :)

  11. i love of my favourite flower !!

  12. Pamela, what beautiful life lessons doll. Each one is true! I love this! I'm a huge fan of tulips and yours turned out lovely. Enjoy them! I love this post.

  13. Pam, I just loved this...the photos and your lovely and wise words! I need to print this out and refer to it daily!

  14. Lovely sentiments and beautiful tulips for you to enjoy.

  15. Here, tulips have just finished flowering, they are so elegant and it's pity they don't last longer. Yours are really beautiful!:)

  16. Hi Pamela....I am not home to see our tulips bloom:( Yours however, are awesome!

  17. wow so beautiful!
    great post my dear!

  18. Your tulips look beautiful Pamela. I planted lots of them in autumn, but unfortunately only a few white ones are in bloom. Yours look stunning!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  19. Really pretty :)

  20. You have an amazing Garden, I love your tulips but I even like more the feelings you are sharing with us, I keep asking myself everyday to be patient and I try harder everyday but stills difficult.

  21. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers in such a range of colours.I have deep purple ones in my kitchen at the moment. You have some pretty ones here. It's a great time of the year when everything starts to flower and we have colour again!
    Interesting thought too.

  22. Lovely pictures :)
    about your question: We all know than in those kinda love there are mostly heart-breaks. You are giving in (maybe without expectations obviously) but we all are humans and we all need someone :)

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my last post :)

    Maybe you have time to see my new blog post: Amourx: Cutesy love

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  23. lovely......

  24. Love your tulips!!! <3 Lucy

  25. You have a lovely collection of tulips Pamela. I selected my new tulips two weeks ago at a special garden I visited which I will blog about in a couple of weeks. They will arrive in autumn ready for me to plant. Paul :)

  26. Pam, I love your tulip colors. I just got some from a friend last week and realized I need to plant some in my garden. They really say Spring don't they?



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