A Spring Florals Celebration

Spring is finally here in Toronto! To celebrate the arrival of Spring in the City, the Gardiner Museum had a special exhibit last weekend only from May 3 to 5 titled Spring Awakening: Gardiner In Bloom. The Top 10 Floral Designers in the City were invited to create their special floral creations inspired by the Ceramic Collections in the Museum. The Gardiner Museum is the only Museum in Canada dedicated to the exhibition of Ceramics from all over the World. They have ceramic collections there from the Aztec, England, European,  Ancient Chinese and Japanese among others. On a lovely, sunny and warm Saturday morning, we ventured over to the Museum to view these spectacular floral  installations alongside Ceramic Art objects from the Museum.  

1. Ball and Wedge by Bruno Duarte
Fresh Florals Creations
A ball of carnations inspired by the Art Balls on the main entrance of the Museum.

Inspiration is around us at all times, even in the simplest of ways. 
We just need to open ourselves to it.
- Bruno Duarte
2. Exotic orchids designed by Bella Jackson from Floral Fetish was inspired by the Aztec statues displayed in the Museum. 
3. Margaret Taylor and Sue Clarkson from the The Garden Club of Toronto were inspired by this ceramic object titled Septet 4. Their floral design used calla lillies, Carnations, orchids and Baby's Breath. 
4. This is a mother and daughter team: Phyllis Lill & Marilyn Lill  from the Lilium Floral Studio
Their Floral Creation was titled Temptation with Fruit & Flowers inspired by this Ceramic plate depicting Adam & Eve with the Temptation Tree. They used green apples, Yellow chrysanthemums and yellow roses to complete their creation. 
5. This piece was titled The Tree of Life by Michael Renaud from Horticultural Design Inc. He used exotic orchids here in purple which he formed into balls with the smiling Buddha in the middle.
Michael was inspired by the Oriental Jar with flower pom poms in purple, red and orange in this Floral creation.

6. Rosemary Little Jeffares of Quince Flowers called her floral creation Paper Cup Tower For a Spring Tea Party which was inspired by the colours  of the Meissen Tea and Coffee Service above.
7. Lidia Tacconelli from Fiori Floral Design called her Floral creation Optimism which was inspired by an English porcelain vase with yellow, white, brown and gold colours depicting a Pastoral scene.
 The wonderful yellows reflect the yellows that are prominent in the English Gardens during spring. 
Yellow being a symbol of enlightenment, happiness and promise of a positive future. 
- Lidia Tacconelli
8. Bert Browne from EarthWork Floral Design created these Floral Arrangements located in the Rotunda surrounded by the display of Harlequin ceramic statues.
The Harlequin ceramic statue circa 1770-1780 was created by William Duesbury. Bert was inspired by the colourful costume of the Harlequin and its comedic pose to create these Floral Arrangements.
9. Lastly, Joseph Delarge of Ecostems, proudly calls itself Toronto's only environmentally and socially sustainable Flower Shop created this floral masterpiece. This piece was inspired by the White Ceramic nest (above) created by Cheryl Ann Thomas.  As you can see from the photo above, the nest was filled with hydrangeas and freesias.
Joseph's Flower Shop sell all of these flowers and floral arrangements grown locally and organically from Toronto. In this piece, he used hydrangeas, freesias, orchids, branches, dead wood, barks and vines. Only when broken apart that we see its true beauty.

Joseph Delarge described this piece and Spring in Toronto the best:
Gatherings of spring flowers that represent the colourful eggs of spring 
that can be found in the nests of wild birds all over Toronto this time of year.

Thank you for joining me on this Floral Spring Tour in our City of Toronto.

Here in North America, we are celebrating Mother's Day this weekend!

Happy Mother's Day to all the dearest Mums! 

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  1. Beautiful arrangements! I would love to see this exhibition.


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  3. The floral displays are wonderful, and how special that they reflect the museums own collection.

  4. Wow, I ma completely in awe of these glorious floral creations, so creative and I can't imagine how long it must take to make them. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us.

  5. Spring in To must be gorgeous! Have visit the city only in Summer and Autumn so I miss this season! The exhibit is beautiful, for sure a must see! Kisses Pamela, also here is Mother's day tmw, enjoy it! xo

  6. Amazing exhibition

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  7. It's not easy to improve on nature but these come pretty close. Toronto seems like such a nice place.

  8. Hi, Pamela - What a wonderful idea for an exhibition! Really beautiful and creative arrangements. All of them!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    PS - Love your Instagram photo of the little Robin :)

  9. What a fab exhibition Pamela. Such a great idea to find inspiration within the museums collections. I am loving the simple cherry blossoms en masse and the Bruno Duarte's creations which are gorgeous.
    Have a glorious weekend.

  10. Pamela, each did a beautiful job! What a fabulous exhibit. My favorites are Temptation with Fruit & Flower and The Tree of Life. So gorgeous! You bring the best things to us. Truly beautiful and unique. Have a great weekend.

  11. What an impressive exhibition Pamela! The floral arrangements are really creative. Wishing you a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  12. To be honest, I never seen something like this. In some arrangement it seems like the flowers are used as 'objects'... Always thought them pieces of art in nature but to see flowers being interpreted in different ways is definitely very interesting!


  13. Lovely arrangements - reminds me of the flower show we saw at Macy's in Chicago - so many innovative ideas!

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  17. These are all so pretty Pamela! I could have used those elegant callas in my latest photo shoot . . ..

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  19. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment. May your week be a great & productive one!

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  23. this is such a beautiful exhibition! love everything here

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  24. These are incredible! #2 is my favorite - I love how sleek the arrangement is!

  25. Seems so beautiful exhibition!
    I love flowers, they always bring so fresh feelings..

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  26. Pam Happy Spring! I cannot believe what talented florist people can do. So beautiful and amazing! Love it.

    xx Kim


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