Saint Laurent ChYc Bag

ChYc YSL East-West Medium Tote Bag.

The picture above is the bag of my fashionable friend, Kameliya. It is the new bag YSL ChYc Tote Bag. It is very chic indeed. I love the blue colour of her bag. My friend Kameliya has a collection of very stylish and classic bags. Kameliya explained to me that "I love the color because it is very sophisticated. The bag is very trendy and can be used for any season . Lots of room inside." This YSL bag has a classic structured shape, it is spacious and she loves the over tab with the golden "Y" hardware which is a unique design for this bag.  It has a zipper closure and it is hand held. I like this bag too but my only concern is that there is no shoulder strap. Only the Mini ChYc has the shoulder strap. Overall, this bag is worth the purchase. It is definitely one of the popular bags at the moment. The ChYc Tote bag is very stylish, luxurious, definitely will last for many years and also functional. Kameliya carries this bag so elegantly. 

Another news is that the newly appointed Creative Director of YSL, Hedi Slimane, announced in March this year that the brand will change their name from the iconic YSL brand to Saint Laurent Paris. This has caused negative reactions worldwide especially from Fashion Editors and Journalists. According to the Toronto Star article, 'While fashion insiders stopped short of calling the move insolent and heretical, they are nonetheless bemused.'   According to Slimane, he decided on the change to move the Yves Saint Laurent brand to a new direction. In my honest opinion, I prefer to call it YSL, just like the fashion insiders. Why change the brand name when there is nothing wrong with it? Just look at the Valentino brand which still maintains the same name brand.The new designers at Valentino, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, have managed to maintain its elegance and updated it with its edgy chic collection.  But Management at Saint Laurent Paris supported this change, so we shall see how the Fashion world and consumers will adjust to this change in this week's presentation of Spring 2013?  What do you think about this brand name change? 

ChYc Multi-Colour bag. 
This bag is available at Holt Renfrew Canada and Neiman Marcus in the USA.

Spacious interior with interior zip pocket and two small pockets.

Photo credit: Vanessa Jackman.

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  1. it is a stunning bag, i want it too!

  2. This is a beautiful bag! I'd love to have one..
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  3. Ah! I think I just fell in love, Pamela!

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  5. Fabulous bag. I love the blue one, it reallt stands out.

  6. such a gorgeous bag, I love the colour of the one in the last photo
    I don't like the name change either, but to be honest I think everyone/most people will still be calling it "YSL" despite the change

  7. Those bags are amazing!!! so classy:) following you!

    Kisses, Lucy:)


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