Mont Tremblant: Lower Village

Lower Village, Mont Tremblant.

As you read in my last weekend's post, the Upper Village in Mont Tremblant was full of summer adventure and action. There are restaurants up there too but the Lower Village here is full of shops and also restaurants. We walked along the alleys and discovered a Patisserie offering some french style sweets, a fresh fruits drink place to quench our thirst, a creperie and a BonBon place for the kids and the kid at heart. Mont Tremblant truly never stops to welcome everybody from the sports-minded to the foodie lover. 

Some Patisseries to devour.

Our freshly made smoothies made from fresh fruits. 

An Ice-cream parlour.


We had to stop here for my niece and nephew. Also for the adults. I love cotton candy! 

Place BonBon for the kids and Kid at heart...Look at all of the jelly beans in their beautiful colours. Both the kids were in awe in this store. 

Some Lollipops.

More lollipops to choose from..

Cirque de bonbons cadeux.

More from La Fete de la Musique Quebec.

Have fantastic week ahead!

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  1. I see a lot of food pamela!!!..I want one of those cake:) Love the photos as always:)

    have a wonderful OCtober dear:)


  2. Love your travel photos--these all look delicious and best of all the weather was so pretty--looks like you were having a fun time!
    xo mary jo

  3. PAMELA!!! You are just the SWEETEST!!! Thank you so much for sending good thoughts my way. I am certain that I will be just fine. It's just one of those things.....
    Love, Connie*

  4. delicious place and photos! Happy October, dear!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  5. mmmmm all the food & candy look so good!!

  6. MMM this post is DIVINE:) so much sweets everywhere I LIKE. The food in Nice were AMAZING...Im a french food addict now haha In Sweden we dont have fresh fruits and you cant compare it to fresh fruits on a coosy French marketplace. I can see myself live somewhere in France someday..I must learn french language first though:)

    have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria


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