LFW: Burberry Fall 2012


This coming Friday will be the start of the London Fashion Week presenting Spring 2013.

  But I am presenting here the best of the London Fashion Week from Burberry Fall 2012 Collection  which started with a showcase of Burberry coats. Not in the traditional Burberry checked trench coat but in a more modern and stylish style in Tweeds and checked Wool. The silhouette of these coats still followed the traditional style of the Burberry coats but presented in different fabrics that is appropriate for the modern Woman. I like this Burberry Fall collection created by its Creative Director, Christopher Bailey and his team. It presented the traditional Burberry coats, some floral skirts and dresses, ruffled skirts and also some military jackets for Women. For the men, Burberry stayed traditional by presenting the traditional Men's suits in Tweed, Wool and also Velvet.

Of course, Burberry is also known for the Bags, Shoes and Accessories. I admire Christopher Bailey for always coming up with new designs in this category which makes the brand go forward and sets the trend. Christopher Bailey's design genius  also makes the brand able  to compete with other luxury Fashion brands out there. Christopher Bailey also never forgets to incorporate the brand's heritage of British Style into his designs whether in the clothing lines, the bags, shoes and accessories. When you see Burberry, you know it is British.  At the end of the Fall Fashion show, Burberry showed the most appropriate Finale by presenting a parade of Burberry umbrellas which seemed to be a rainy day in January. I hope this collection will inspire your Fall shopping.

Men's Wear.

Bags and Shoes.

What do you think of the bags?  I like the prints but I think they are quite huge bags for everyday. These bags would be perfect to carry when travelling. My camera, cosmetics, other gadgets and perhaps a book will fit in perfectly in these bags


These clutches are beautiful and stylish.

British Model and Actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley carrying her Plum Burberry bag.

Burberry Creative Director, fromYorkshire, Christopher Bailey.

The Finale was so appropriate to the English Rainy weather, a parade of stylish Burberry Umbrellas.

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  1. I enjoyed this post - some lovely classic tweed fabrics yet the styles have a modern twist. I like the plum bags - as you say, ideal for travelling on a plane.

  2. Ah! Burberry...I absolutely adore English fashion, and this brand is one of my favorites...I think Christopher Bailey is the perfect creative director for this company...and that final picture...Oh! heart, be still...(sigh)
    Thank you very much for your comment! I invite you to check my new post, I hope you like it!
    I also hope you're having a wonderful week!
    Big hugs!


    1. I agree with you Ines that Christopher Baileybisbtalented and good looking too!

  3. I love Burberry. It's fast becoming one of my favourite label.

  4. Fall is definitely here!

  5. wow..those bag are unbelievable!!! I want one!!! lol:P


  6. I LOVE the style of Burberry!

  7. Beautiful! :)

  8. Loved this show and that ruffled pencil skirt is so fab!

    xo Mary Jo


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