Weekend in Lake Como

Lake Como and view of the Italian Alps.

Before the official end of summer, I would like to share with you here my trip to Lake Como. We visited Lake Como last year during the Spring season.

The Lago di Como, which is commonly known as Lake Como, was founded by the Romans in 196 BC. The town shared Milan's fate under the Spanish and Austrian domination, becoming part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1859.  Lake Como is  located North of Milan, about 30 minutes by train which usually travels from Milan to Zurich, Switzerland. The first stop on that train ride is the Town of Como. From the train station, we rode the bus that brought us directly to the Piazza where we purchased our tickets to ride the ferry.  The lake is shaped as an inverted Y. The ferry travelled from the Town of Como to all the way to the other end, in the town of Lecco. The whole trip took four hours by ferry as it stopped in every town along the lake. We decided to take the two hours ferry ride and travelled from Como to Bellagio to stay for the weekend. There was also a speed ferry that will only take forty five minutes travel from Como to Bellagio which will save time during a day trip to the lake. Lake Como is a beautiful and magical place to visit. Every stop on our ferry ride showed us endless views  of the Italian Alps, the villages along the lake and a views of  the road tunnels in the mountains. Lake Como is very aristocratic, grand, majestic, exclusive and old money. As you can see in the Grand Villas and Grand Hotels that I will share here today. As for me, Lake Como is the most beautiful lake in the world that I have ever visited.

The Ferry. 

Views of endless Italian Alps, some still with ice glaciers on top.

Some towns on the mountains along the lake.

Grand Villas and Gardens

The Gardens of Lake Como are not to be missed. Especially for garden lovers. It is a beautiful  and creative landscape created beside the Grand Villas. The gardens are mostly green with some hints of flowers here and there.

I did not see George Clooney's Villa here. But his Villa is on one of the towns here in Lake Como. It was formerly owned by the Heinz (Ketchup) family. Apparently, it is not easy to buy in a property here at Lake Como. It is still a  very exclusive place. Some of the Villas are still owned by the same Italian Aristocratic families. 

Front view of the Grandest Villa in Lake Como.

Rear View of the Grandest Villa in Lake Como.  Bellissima!

Villa Carlota is a 18th Century Villa that is open to the public. It is famous for its terraced gardens and sculptures inside by Italian Artist Canova, including a copy of the Cupid and Psyche. We visited this Villa during our stay in Bellagio. 

Terraced front garden of Villa Carlota overlooking the Lake Como and the Alps.

Grand Hotels and Conference Centres.

View of Villa Olmo in the horizon.

Villa Erba located in Cernobbio is now a Conference Centre. 

View of the swimming pool of Villa Erba.

View of  Grand Hotel Villa D'Este, Cernobbio built by Pellegrino Tibaldi in 1570 for the Gallio family is now a luxury hotel where Royalty and actors stay. The Villa is also famous for the Italianate gardens. View of the houses above the cliffs.

A hotel by the lake with a lake side swimming pool. 

Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Tremezzo, Lake Como.

Swimming pool and pool lounge of Grand Hotel Tremezzo. The view is majestic and the swimming pool and pool lounge so luxurious. What else can we ask for?  Maybe a glass of  Bellini or Negroni cocktail while sunbathing with this view? 

Spotted some hotel guests on the way to check-in.

A lakeside village and view of Isola Comacina.

Town of Como.

Facade of The Duomo begun in 1396 designed with a Gothic facade and interior was completed in the 1500s. 

Ciao Lake Como! Back to Milano.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Gorgeous photos, Pamela. I hope George invites us to his villa one day!

    1. Oh Connie, I hope so too. One fine day!

  2. these pics are soooo amazing! it's make me wanna come there one day ;)

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  3. Glad you liked lake Como, is really a great place to visit and these photos are stunning! Happy sunday Pamela! kisses!

    1. I enjoyed my visit there Lilli. Lake Como is a beautiful place to visit. Happy Sunday to you too.


    Have a great day dear:)


    1. Likewise Tammy. I enjoy your blog to see and read about your extreme sports adventure!

  5. This is actually on my list of dream places to visit! Very happy for you getting to see these unbelievebly gorg sites

  6. Amy, isn't Lake Como a perfect place for a romantic honeymoon? You must see it at night with only the stars and the lamp posts lighting up the place. So romantic.

  7. wow! I really have to go to Italy ... i´ve been t0 80 percent of Europe , but somehow never to Italy

    1. Hello, I suggest. To visit Italy. It is a beautiful country. Every city and town in Itali is just beautiful in its own culture, geography, food and fashion.nyou will enjoy it. Thank you for your comment.

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  9. Absolutely loved this! What fantastic photos Pam! That must have been a great trip. It's on my list for sure.
    Thanks so much for the fun tour.
    p.s. Great Burberry post below too!

  10. I heard a lot about lake Como, but these photos are better than any words!!! They are stunning. It looks like a paradise. I wish I can visit it one day.
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  11. Awesome pictures ! I wanna be right there !

    Wanna follow each other?? Let me know !

    xox, c

  12. Looks so lovely Pamela! I loved Lake Como and still hope to go back again sometime soon.

    xo Mary Jo

  13. This brought back happy memories of my visit to Lake Como several years ago. Your stunning photos make me want to return to experience it all over again.

  14. so jealous!! it is amazing


  15. i'm glad that you enjoyed my country!
    amazing photos!


  16. Great post with awesome images.


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