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Photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank. 

Aerin Lauder goes out on her own to launch her new company, Aerin. Just simply Aerin, no last name required as she is already known all over the world in her own name. She has travelled the world representing the family company, Estee Lauder, as Senior Vice President and Creative Director. Now she will be launching her own company with its own line of Beauty products first then in the coming months she will gradually launch a Home line and Accessories line. Aerin will also continue to be a Consultant and Brand Ambassador for Estee Lauder. 

Aerin is one of the women that I admire and that inspires me because of her simple and effortless elegance and hard work ethic. Working hard and being in the Cosmetics business for Aerin are so natural for her. This is not surprising since she grew up with and admired her grandmother Estee Lauder. Aerin belongs to a family that values hard work, innovation, strong business sense and great style in Fashion, Arts and Culture.  Aerin's own company and products will reflect her own style, taste and business philosophy. We are looking forward to the products that she will launch through her own company, Aerin. 

Aerin Beauty Products offers two groups: On the Left is the Weekday Palette and on the Right is the Weekend Palette. The Weekday Palette offers a more deeper colour shade and then the Weekend Palette transitions to a more lighter and natural shade. Aerin gives women here an easier and more organised cosmetic choices packaged in her trademark Gold Case, as she explained to prevent thumb mark prints in the case.  These products are available in Estee Lauder Cosmetic counters in most Department Stores in the U.S.A and also at Harrods, London, UK. 

Aerin at Work.
Aerin's new Office and Design studio in New York City was designed by her favourite interior designer, French Jacques Grange. Aerin used the same interior designer that designed her Park Avenue apartment. As usual, her office is so stylish and reflects Aerin own style of simple elegance. 

 Main Reception area with comfortable sofas and chairs.

A 1950s mirrored table and Andre Arbus gold leaf cabinet in the Conference room. 

Aerin's inspiration table in the Design Studio.
Photo credits: Architectural Digest.
To view more pictures of Aerin's Office and Design Studio, click Aerin's Office.

Aerin at Home in Wainscott, East Hampton, New York.

Aerin inherited the East Hampton Greek Revival Estate from her grandmother, the late Estee Lauder. 

Aerin's country weekend home was a design collaboration with Victoria Borus of B Five Studio.

Inside the Pool House.

Aerin's swimming pool and pool house. 
Photo Credit: Elle Decor.

Aerin relaxing at home. 
Photo credits:

To view more pictures of Aerin's houses in both New York City and East Hampton, click Elle Decor's article, At Home With Stylesetter Aerin Lauder.

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  1. Her house is so chic. I wouldn't mind having the same office as well =) Great post!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  2. Isn't she lovely? Of course you like her. She embodies clean elegance. Just like you, Pamela! Love this post.

    1. Thank you Connie for the compliment. You are so kind. :)

  3. I want her life!!! ahaahhaa...her house and apartment is amazing!!

    1. Me too! Working in the Beauty business must be amazingly fun!

  4. Hi Pamela...thanks for this update on Aerin Lauder. I seem to be out of touch these days with what is happening in the cosmetic world. Humidity has a way of doing that to you can well appreciate. I think she will be a woman to watch for sometime...I say, more power to that last shot!

    Thank you for your very kind birthday wishes, they were much appreciated. I left you a little note on my post.

    Jeanne xx

  5. Amazing apartment pfff. Nice post ;-)

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  6. THIS PLACE ROCKS:) I woud like to live there for a while...or maybe forever haha:)
    I hope everything is ok with you in GBG the autumn sun is shining today and Ive been to a beautiful iland were I had a picnic.

    LOVE M

  7. Hi sweetie!
    I didn't know her but she's so stylish!
    And she has an amazing house!
    I'm following you :)

  8. She the grand daughter of a real fashion icon! Love the house . . .

  9. Hi Pamela! thank you so much for stopping by!:) I follow you back with pleasure:) I like her, either the house and the make up collection she just launched! Wanna try it!:) Kisses and have a great day!:) xoxo


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