Muskoka Living Interiors


Muskoka Living Interiors Store, Port Carling, Muskoka, Canada.

Muskoka Living Interiors Store is my favourite store here in Cottage Country, located in the posh Port Carling area. I called Port Carling posh because this is the town where most of the Multi-million cottages are located. Port Carling is in between the two lakes - Lake Muskoka and Lake Rosseau. This coming weekend I will show you around Lake Rosseau to see the Millionaires Row. But here at Muskoka Living Store is the place to shop to furnish the cottage in luxury and style.
I come here for interior design inspiration and I just love their products. The store's products reflect cottage style but can be of use for your house in the city too. Some products are pricey but there are also affordable products in the store. I just love the good quality and design of their products. There is also an Interior Designer service in-store. Then on the other end of the store is their Sales Area where any knick knacks are on display a la "flea market" style. My mother and I enjoy shopping here for home decor. Even the owner of the store chatted with us briefly and told us that we can even come into their store with our dog, Barkley. We thought that was so nice. 
 If you have been following my blog for awhile now, you will notice that I tend to always find shopping places anywhere, even here in the wilderness. But Muskoka Living is very classy and elegant store right in the middle of the Muskoka wilderness. 

The Blue and White Nautical theme is carried out throughout the store for their Summer Style. 

"I must have read that book twice every summer in that same, quiet spot.
Nobody bothered me for a good five minutes at a time."

A very Muskoka Style vignette. 

"We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink."
- Epicurus

"Some things are sacred to the cottage.
Coffee & Baileys.
Mildewy life jackets.
And my bed."

These are one of my favourite throw pillows.. So cottage style! 

Many choices of rugs for the cottage.

Here are some knick knacks in the Sale Area. 

Just sit and relax. We are in cottage country.

"I long as does every human being to be at home wherever I find myself."
- Maya Angelou.

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  1. I just love this store. All the blue and white is so pretty.

    1. Good Morning Connie! Love this store too. Yes, the blue and white is so crisp and elegant.

  2. very resort it;0) would love to get the rug if i can:)

    EDGYMIX-Travel for Fashion”

  3. looks like a cool store. I can hang out in stores like this for hours! Have a great weekend!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. I can see why this is your favorite store. Beautiful things. I'd buy rugs, pillows, the wall art and more! They have great taste.

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    It was funny. Keep on posting!
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