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Time flies by so fast. The London 2012 Summer Olympics is finished after two weeks of intense sport competition among Nations. Did you watch the Closing Ceremony? Did you like it?  I thoroughly enjoyed it as I was happy to listen again to the British songs and bands like Pet Shop Boys, George Michael, One Direction, the Spice Girls and even the video songs of Freddy Mercury from the Band Queen. The performances of John Lennon and Freddy Mercury on video were so touching! Then I was also amazed that they even included the British supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Stella Tennant, Karen Elson and Lily Cole. Then in the end, I loved the dance presentation of the Royal Ballet with Principal Dancer Darcey Bussell.  The Closing Ceremony was truly a show of the Best of the British not only in song but also in Fashion and the Arts.

I am now presenting here the Hermes Watches which were on display here at Hermes Toronto. They are so stylish, classic and well made. These watches will last a lifetime. I like their presentation here with the dove carrying the watches. As the dove is a symbol of peace. The theme here represents Peace and Time with some Luxury.. Hermes Luxury!

The Cape Cod.

According to Hermes: "Dreaming of the anchor-shaped peninsula of Cape Cod, with its sandy beaches stretching out towards the ocean, Henri D'Origny created this namesake watch in 1991. Its shape is inspired by the solitary anchor chain link."

The Arceau

According to Hermes: "The timeless Arceau watch embories French elegance and the very essence of the 'Hermes style.' Designed in 1978 by Henri d'Origny, it is distinguished by its upper horseshoe-shaped attachment and the slanting numerals across the dial." 

Which watch would you like to wear to keep track of time? 

As the week goes on, take your time,  remember to spread Peace around you and have a fantastic week ahead of you!

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  1. Peace and Time. That really is the essence of luxury. Great post. I totally enjoyed the Spice Girls!!

  2. that's a beautiful concepts to sell watch..I wish I can buy one......ahhhh

    awesome post:)

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  3. wow! this watch are a dream!

  4. amazing display!! I would love the white one from the first picture!!

  5. Hermes is orange, so I would choose those. Great post!

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