Summer Olympics High Fashion


Team USA parading in the London Olympic Stadium.

Did you watch the Opening Ceremony of the London Summer Olympics? Which country do you think  was the Best Dressed during the Athletes parade?  Before the Olympics began, there were big news about the Olympic Uniforms of some countries, particularly, for the United States, United Kingdom and Italy.  As for the United States, their Olympic Uniform was designed by American Designer Ralph Lauren, United Kingdom's Olympic Uniform was designed by British Designer, Stella McCartney and Italy's was designed by Italian Designer, Giorgio Armani. They were all looking so decent and fashionable. Then there was some controversy for the Americans as their uniform was designed by Ralph Lauren but Made in China. American politicians caused quite a furor in the USA about this arrangement in both the local and foreign press, Team USA Uniform Controversy.  There is now news that in 2014, the Team USA Olympic Uniform will be Made in the USA.  No fury for Stella McCartney's design for the UK Olympic Team. As for the Italians, well, they even had a fashion show to showcase Mr. Armani's design for the Team Italy. The Olympics now is no longer just a competition of sport but also a competition in Fashion!  Well, the Olympics is a perfect place to showcase your country not only in Sport but also in sportmanship, character and also in Fashion. 

Team USA female athletes. I like the Navy Blue and White combination. They looked so preppy.

Team USA in very Ralph Lauren fashion.

NBA Basketball Star, Kobe Bryant wearing Team USA Olympic Uniform designed by Ralph Lauren.

Team Great Britain.

British Athletes with Designer, Stella McCartney.

Team GB with Tennis Star, Andy Murray.

The Local heroes wearing suits designed by Next.

Team Italy.

Team Italy with Designer, Giorgio Armani.

Fashion Show to show case Giorgio Armani's design for Team Italy.

For more Photos on other Olympic Teams'  Uniforms, Dress to Impress article from Hello Magazine UK.
As for Team Canada's Olympic Uniform, my blog post, Go Team Canada!  showcased their Olympic Uniform during the Opening Ceremony.

Photo credits: Team USA,; Team GB and Team Italy,Hello Magazine UK.

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  1. I am so sad that Ralph Lauren didn't even think about having the uniforms made in the US. Maybe this big fat mistake will make designers think twice before they outsource. We need jobs HERE! That being said, I thought the navy & white was beautiful. So very American. Fresh & breezy. Love, love, love the white ankle sox.

    1. Yes, the American Olympic uniform was very stylish. I liked it too. Hopefully, in the next Olympics, the committee will be true to use Made in the USA uniforms only.

  2. wow! just wow! amazing olympics fashion! a lot of cool looks!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  3. I have to say I adore Stella McCartney!!! she really is a great designer!!!

    EDGYMIX New Post-Dominican Republic

  4. LOve the Tommy and the Stella and the Giorgio but not so sure about the Next. Too bad Raf Simons wasnt English:)


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