London Eat: Muriel's Kitchen


Muriel's Kitchen in South Kensington.

If you are in London to watch the Olympics, you might be wondering if there are any good places to eat in London? Here is one place I suggest to visit for a delicious meal in London, it is a down to earth restaurant called Muriel's Kitchen located just outside of the South Kensington Tube Station. It is also walking distance to the Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum. I stopped by for breakfast last April during my visit in London. I have to admit that I liked it and enjoyed my meal. The place was packed early in the morning with locals meeting for coffee, some scones, fresh Devon creme and maybe some fresh muffins too. I ordered some freshly baked Chocolate Croissant, a coffee and Organic Apple juice which was a favourite during  my stay in London. I loved drinking their organic Apple juice served in a bottle because it tasted better, not so sour tasting as the Apple Juice here at home.  Check out also my previous blog about London Eat and Daylesford Organic Cafe for some very good places to eat in London while also enjoying the Olympic Games over there. 

According to Muriel's Kitchen website,  their philosophy is to serve British Food with a twist. Their recipes came from a Grandmother named Muriel, who handed down generations of family recipes to her daughter and granddaughter. They use Farm fresh and if possible organic food in their restaurant. Their style is home-cooked food. 

Here are freshly baked scones, muffins, cookies and farm fresh fruits, all for breakfast!

Local Patrons socializing and getting ready for breakfast.

My breakfast of chocolate pastry, coffee and my Organic Apple Juice. I sat on a window seat overlooking the street scene and some English Lavender plants in front.

Freshly baked Muffins anyone?

The Barrista behind ready to make fresh coffee, look at all these sweets.

Look at all of these sweets?  Those heart shaped sponge mini-cakes, Strawberry short cake, the carrot cake, cupcakes with berries, Blueberry tarts are just to die for!!!! 

Have some brownies, Berries filled cupcakes, chocolate tart with strawberry?  The restaurant is popular among the locals as a meeting place for coffee or tea and to have some of these delicious freshly baked sweets. Maybe have a sweet rendezvous with a special someone? 

Some art in their wall... Well, may you all have a great start on your Monday!

Enjoy the Olympics and your visit in London!

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